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Mathematics Specialist Teacher Programme - Advice, please!!!

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by SoniaMaudslay, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. SoniaMaudslay

    SoniaMaudslay New commenter

    Dear Teachers,
    I'd be so interested if teachers who did the course Mathematics Specialist Teacher Programme could get in touch and leave their opinions about this course. I'm considering applying for it but the application process seems daunting as well as the course itself. Any help much appreciated in advance. Thanks.
  2. EGO8

    EGO8 New commenter

    I do not know them but if they claim to bring your subject knowledge up to date, ditch that, find a text book and learn Mathematics yourself over time.
  3. TTSanasmith

    TTSanasmith New commenter

    If it is with the Maths Hubs, people whom I have spoken with and have done the course say they'll never go back to the teaching the way they used to again. I have had personal experience with their workshops and learned so much already with their approach and watched many others leave the workshops excited to have the information.

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