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Mathematics : SMP 11-16 Booklets User Group

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by chriswillfowl, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. I am looking to start an SMP 11-16 Booklet user group. I know these resources are loved by many and are out of print since 2004. The resources are slowly disappearing so I am in the process of scanning them so we don't lose these valuable resources forever and making them into PDF files with work spaces for students and links to the Khan academy and mymaths etc.

    I have 60 Booklets, nearly all the worksheets, review sheets and answer books. However i am missing about 20 or so booklets that i would like to recover. My idea is to set up a user group and see how we can continue developing these great resources.

    I attach an example of a PDF printable Booklet.

    Hoping somebody out there is interested.

    Chris Fowler
  2. TonyM19

    TonyM19 Occasional commenter

    Most definitely. I'm almost certain we had one complete set of these somewhere.
  3. Hi Tony

    Great to hear from you so quickly. Here is a list of the Booklets I am missing.


    Whole Numbers 1-6

    Decimals 1-2-3

    Fractions 1-2 & 4

    Branching & Sharing

    Ratio 2

    Negative Numbers

    Powerful Numbers

    Large & Small Numbers

    Fractions & Decimals1

    Fractions & Decmals Ext 1,

    Fractions & Decimals Ext3



    Squaring & Cubing

    Primes & Factors

    Balancing 1 : Ext

    Coordinates 1

    Coordinates 2 Extension.

    Coordinate Patterns

    Number Sequences

    Number Relationships

    Doing & Undoing

    Formulas Ext 1

    Formulas Ext 2


    Maps, Plans & Grids

    Circles & Lines

    Area 1

    Area 3

    Scale Drawing 1 & 2

    Are you still using the Booklets??

  4. TonyM19

    TonyM19 Occasional commenter

    No, but I do remember there being a complete set of booklets tucked away somewhere. I'll check on Monday

    I like the way that you have formatted the booklets (from the other thread) and I could definitely make good use of them
  5. I am slowly putting them in Google Docs and can share them with you but it will take me a year I reckon to do the set.
  6. auntiemaisie

    auntiemaisie New commenter

    I think we have kept about 20 of the draft booklets from the 1980s.
  7. Woww they sound really old. Which ones?? Not any of the more recent ones??
  8. Hi Auntie Masie can you let me know the names of the Booklets.
  9. auntiemaisie

    auntiemaisie New commenter

    My husband taught in one of the schools that piloted the booklets - hence they are headed Draft. He left teaching in 1984 - the booklets were published in 1980. Have dug them out of our loft and we have around 40 - they included many of the titles in your earlier list eg Fractions 1, 2, 3.

    PS Not sure about the "Woww they sound really old" - makes me feel ancient!!!
    hammie likes this.
  10. OK well I started teaching in 1982!! I'm interested as I am sure they didn't change much and seeing the draft versions would be interesting.

    Can you send me a list of the ones you have?

    What I really need is good quality scans of each individual page, I don't actually need the books as I put the scans into a word template then save them as a PDF then share with students and teachers.

    I would be happy to pay for the scanning, you can then upload the files onto a file sharing site called Dropbox.

    Thanks for your interest looking forward to hearing from you.

    Chris Fowler chriswillfowl@hotmail.com
  11. Any luck finding the Booklets


  12. Hi Auntie Maisie

    Any chance you can let me know which Booklets you have.

    Many Thanks

  13. I was one of the SMP 11-16 authors but, sadly, didn't keep any of the materials. I am particularly anxious to get hold of the worksheet masters - some of which I believe to be marvellous (not mine, I hesitate to add :) ) Have these been scanned or converted to PDF files, does anyone know?

    Chris - how can I access what you have compiled so far?

  14. I love this PDF scan of It Balances 1. I was one of the authors of the revised booklets and may even have contributed to this one (I cannot remember now!) I would be delighted to join you in this project.
  15. Hi Kevin, nice to hear from you. If you send me your e-mail I will give you access to what i have in google docs. Perhaps you can help me find some of the booklets i am missing.

    My e-mail is chriswillfowl@hotmail.com or christopher.fowler@stfrancis.com.br
  16. Do you have contacts who might still have copies??
  17. Hi Chris,

    I am looking for a great set of resources with answers that I can use on level 3-4 year 7's.

    These booklets look great. Can I please have a link to your dropbox?

    Kind Regards

  18. Hi Billy, I need your e-mail first, then I can share what i have so far in Google Docs. Do you have any access to SMP Booklets. If you want to write to my e-mail please look above.

  19. pittskeFL

    pittskeFL New commenter

  20. Hi Chris, I have just found this forum and can't believe that these little booklets are still out there, I used them when i first started teaching and they were brilliant. I have been mourning their loss ever since. I love your sample booklet.

    I am afraid I do not have any of them, I know it is a big ask....... but would love access to any SMP booklets you have done please Chris if that is possible as they would be great for my low ability Yr7/8 students.

    Does anyone have the worksheets that go with the G series please? as I am trying to resurrect these to use with my low ability Yr 8

    Kind Regards


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