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Mathematics past papers from the 1920s onwards

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by intuitionist1, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. The O&C Higher Certificate Mathematics Papers for 1928-1932 are now available here:
    Login: exploding
    I shall leave you to figure out the password for yourselves! :)
    Best wishes,
    N.B. Password has 7 characters, begins with a capital letter, and vowels are replaced by digits (a,e,i,o,u) -> (5,3,1,0,2)
  2. The O&C Higher Certificate Mathematics Papers for 1928-1932 are now available here:
    Login: exploding
    I shall leave you to figure out the password for yourselves! :)
    Best wishes,
    N.B. Password has 7 characters, begins with a capital letter, and vowels are replaced by digits (a,e,i,o,u) -> (5,3,1,0,2)
  3. DM

    DM New commenter

    Welcome back sabbir.
    I know what it is but I suspect very few others do!
  4. briceanus

    briceanus New commenter

    I'm going to keep abreast of this thread.

  5. Hi Sabbir
    Can't get in, can you email them?
    I keep putting in the password but its not working. I have tried Sp5mm3r and many subtle changes but no joy. It is 7 characters rather than 7 letters? Does the p need changing?
    Can we have them linked directly please?
  6. Thanks DM. A little birdie told me that it was safe to start posting again...
    Best wishes,
    P.S. The password (backwards) is "s3lpp1N" (without the quotes) - note that the third letter in this string is a small "L", not a capital "I".
  7. Thnaks..looks brilliant!
  8. I have in my posession a large collection of outstanding mathematics textbooks by C. V. Durell from the 1920s onwards, published by George Bell & Sons. I would like to make these generally available, but am not sure whether they are still under copyright. The publisher actually went out of business many years ago, so I am guessing that it would be okay, both for this reason and because of the books' ages and general lack of availability, to scan them in and upload them? There is a Wikipedia article about the publishers here:
    Also, I think that the past papers would be more useful if we had an archive of proposed solutions - so if any of you are brave enough a go, and would like to scan in your solutions and send them to me, I will happily upload them to the website too. Consider it a challenge!
    I will also try to get my hands on more past papers in the meantime.
    Best wishes,
  9. I see you have gone for a good ol' OCSEB paper [​IMG]
    You might find the Cambridge Assessment archives folk helpful in trying to get hold of some more papers if you really want to go for it. If you are (or know) someone who is allowed into Cambridge University Library then that might be useful too.
    Best wishes
  10. Thanks these look good!
  11. Yes, I am in and thanks for taking the time [​IMG]
  12. Is this page safe to use? - got this warning when I tried:

    <h2>Safe Browsing</h2><h3>Diagnostic page for knowledge-dojo.com</h3>What is the current listing status for knowledge-dojo.com?
    What happened when Google visited this site?
    Has this site acted as an intermediary resulting in further distribution of malware?
    Has this site hosted malware?
    How did this happen?
    Next steps:
  13. DM

    DM New commenter

    Thanks for that mathsisfun. About a month ago, I warned TESsers about a different website operated by this poster. He said it was a mistake and Google had simply not updated their records but they tested his site again on 25th January and it still contains malicious software. I would suggest people exercise reasonable caution.
  14. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I will investigate with the company hosting the site. They had assured me that the problems had been fixed, but it seems like it may be worth revisiting the matter with them if Google still says that it still contains malicious software.
    Best to be cautious in the meantime, and apologies for any inconvenience.
    - Sabbir.
  15. I am pleased to announce that the new, improved "Knowledge Dojo" website is up-and-running, and has been verified to be virus and malware free! The papers can now be accessed directly here:
    No expense has been spare in hiring only the very best web designers, so I hope that you appreciate the new look!
    Best wishes,
  16. I have uploaded, Durell's "A School Certificate Algebra", which was one of the standard School Certificate (i.e. equivalent of GCSE) textbooks of the period. This should make for an interesting comparison with today's textbooks and syllabi.
    Apologies for the length of the file, but I thought that if I am going to go to the trouble of scanning in these rare books, I may as well do it at high resolution for posterity. Please note that I will remove the books if I find out that they are still under copyright and am asked to remove them by the copyright owners.
    If you have any particular preferences as to which books you would like scanned next, let me know and I will do my best to oblige. The geometry books are particularly interesting as the topic has been all but removed from today's syllabi.
    If there are no objections I will proceed to scan in the more advanced algebra texts next which provide the necessary preparation for the Higher Certificate and Distinction papers.
    Best wishes,
  17. bbibbler

    bbibbler New commenter

    Sorry mate, I am still getting the "Reported Attack Site Message"

    I admire what you are trying to do, but I think you need to change your hosting company.
  18. Sorry about that. It will probably take a few weeks before those messages go away. To be fair to the hosting company, they did warn me to change my passwords to the websites after they cleaned it last time, but I never bothered because I hardly ever (i.e. never) use them. That is probably also why they were hacked again a few days ago.
    Anway, I can assure you that the site was "cleansed" yesterday and the passwords to the website have now been changed, so it should be safe to download. The ftp server should still work if you prefer that method.
    - Sabbir
  19. bbibbler

    bbibbler New commenter

    I will wait until the warnings go away, You cannot be too carful with the Inerwebby thing.
  20. "Advanced Algebra", Volume I (1932), II & III (1937) by Durell & Robson are now available on the website. Volume I covers the material up to Higher Certificate and Volumes II & III covers the material for the Distinction papers. Together with "School Certificate Algebra", these books complete the coverage of the algebra component of the secondary school mathematics course.
    - Sabbir

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