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Mathematics - condensed KS3 SoW for Year 7 & 8 only.

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Darkus, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. With much pressure to take GCSE's early. KS4 now includes Year 9 as a starting point for GCSE and covered over 3 Years modular (and linear thrown in as well!).
    Does anyone have or know of a KS3 SoW for a 2 year period, to deal with the basics and possibly longer activities which last 1-2 weeks and cover the basics. I've done some work with Enterprise type activites where they don't realise what maths they are using, but they use it and work things out. Usually group work / working as a team.
    The trouble with our present KS4 (merged school and starting a fresh after only a year and a bit) is that the kids don't know their basic. Very low level school. The KS2 figures show we should have 70+% A*-C's with Maths and English and Science. Reality is that behaviour is impossible and these kids give up, can't be bothered and have little in the way of aspiration. SO getting the basics is realyy important. Some year 11's still can't multiply properly in the top sets!
    So any links or actual SoW over 2 years for KS3 would be appreciated to mull around and chop and change.
    Driven by figures, limited by budgets, expectation beyond aspiration!
  2. Since the government has changed the rules you won't be doing modular when year 7 and 8 are doing their GCSEs, so this 3 year GCSE is a fallicy.
    I can't really understand the argument that your current Y11 can't do the basics so you reduce the amount of time building the foundations in ks3.
    With this in mind, rather than condensing ks3, you should be using it to cement the basics so that GCSE is a continuation of learning rather than a start again.
    I suggest planning for a 5 year continuation rather than a 2 year / 3 year split, of course some topics will need looking at repeatedly in that time building to a higher level.
    If you have kids in top set who can't mutiply then use it as evidence that lower down the school you want to spend more time on learning arithmetic and consolodating it with lots of practice in different contexts. Focus on it in year 7 so that year 8 builds on it.
    I don't have a link to a SoW though. Didn't MEP have one?


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