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Mathematics B Edexcel GCSE 2010 Modular Results

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by erinexley, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Is anyone following the Edexcel GCSE 2010 Mathematics B (Modular) course? More specifically schools who have done Unit 1 already and have done Unit 2 in June. What were your results like? Have you done resits for Unit 1? Do you have a plan of attack after getting the June results?
    When we did Unit 1 in November of year 10, the results came back 10% lower than what we would have expected of a similar ability year group on the old spec. When they did the resit the picture improved and was only about 4% lower and that was with little or no "reteaching" of the material.
    When we did Unit 2 in June, the results have come back 20% lower than what we would have expected.
    We have a couple options that we'd like to explore but would like feedback to see what other departments are thinking.
  2. We did Unit 1 in the November of Year 10. It was the faculty's first go at modular maths in years and years and I was hoping that when the results came through we'd have good reason to pull out and return to linear. Unfortunately the Unit 1 results were very good, so we've stuck with it. (We did enter some for a resit in the March, but in hindsight that's 'cos I still had a linear mindset. I'm not sure it was worth while. It was good for picking up Nov absentees though). Like you we were going to enter Unit 2 in June, but for a few reasons have had to postpone that until November (of year 11). We used the November Unit 2 as a mock and the results are promising.
  3. We did unit 1 in November and achieved very pleasing results especially when compared to the National statistics. In March we entered a small number for resits and although they gained better marks the grade boundaries had risen considerably (from 39/60 to 47/60) so our students did not improve their grades. This June we have done a mixture of units and are very concerned with the resultsfor all units and both levels, at foundation level only a few students gained a grade C, this was not surprising when the grade boundaries had increased to 80%. Have huge concerns about Edexcel and we are awaiting national figures before we decide on what to do next.
  4. lancsHOD

    lancsHOD New commenter

    We did unit 1 in March and results were pleasing, we did unit 2 in June and results were worrying only one child did better in unit 2 than unit 1. Most did worse a number by 2 grades!
    Still pondering what to do, resit mod 2 or just enter for linear??? or a mixture, that would mean splitting classes some mod some linear.
    I am also wondering if there is any point entering anyone above a grade E for Foundation.
    I hate all this exams game playing instead of concentrating on teaching maths!
  5. This makes for worrying reading. And Lancs is right, why should have to play this game?
  6. Have rang exam board and grade C pass rate at Foundation Unit 2 is 7.5% and Unit 1 is 15.8%. Grade C pass at Foundation Unit 2 is 80%, AQA Foundation Unit 2 is 56% slightly different!
  7. Have<u> rung</u>, dear fellow. Basic grammar.

  8. lancsHOD

    lancsHOD New commenter


    Did you get the equivalent figures for Higher? If so I'd be very interested to know them.
  9. No sorry, although both higher and foundation results were lower, my biggest concern was foundation grade C. Not reassured by Edexcels response, too many mentions of students resitting to get better grades.

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