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Mathematical vocab

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by claired82, May 26, 2017.

  1. claired82

    claired82 New commenter


    Has anyone put together a document/poster for their room listing correct mathematical vocabulary? My TAs/LSA/student are constantly using "bigger than" for example to describe one number being greater than another. I want to hang something up so they can self-check as i dont want to keep correcting them but thought i could get them to check themselves probably (my TA particularly has very low confidence in maths and i think she would like this available)

    It has been a whole school push for appropriate vocab being used, we've had training andwehave just switched to Inspire Maths although we're rolling it out year by year so havent had my training yet.
  2. littlegetts

    littlegetts New commenter

    In my class I have a Maths 'working wall'. Each week/new topic I place pictures and vocab on it and refer to it throughout the topic. I encourage the children to use the board to help them in their learning, it also reminds me and other adults the key vocab and learning objective for that week. The children love to add their own ideas to the board too and I have found it a really useful resource.

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