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Mathematical Table Sheets

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by paulcollins, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. paulcollins

    paulcollins New commenter

  2. DeborahCarol

    DeborahCarol New commenter

    I think they're an excellent idea, Paul. You're a star. I also think it would be a good idea to market them at some point, perhaps after a test run with other teachers/schools.
  3. I really liked the 'my first prezzi' idea but doing something like this certainly goes against the whole 'don't smile until Christmas' notion. I would be a little concern that it could almost be misinterpreted into a 'this will be a 'doss' lesson' but then counter to that, it is very motivational about how much you might enjoy the maths lessons - given that maths in general is seen as downright boring and hard work (not my opinion btw!). As I have no secondary experience myself I'd be interested to hear which works the best?
    There's some really good stuff in here btw!
  4. paulcollins

    paulcollins New commenter

    Thanks Deborah - I'll see what my new school thinks of them as I know the school I'm just leaving think they're a great idea/resource to have - There may be something there?
  5. paulcollins

    paulcollins New commenter

    I completely agree Padawan, and I'm concerned about pitching the right balance between ensuring discipline and encouraging excitement for future lessons! I have been told that I will have 2 year 8 classes this year on my GTP (amongst others) and so may use this to try the 1st lesson with 1 class with the Prezi and 1 class without and see the differences!?
    Thank you for your positive feedback - feel free to post comments on the blog and to try any ideas you feel would work for you (it'd be good to hear how they work for other people!)
  6. paulcollins

    paulcollins New commenter

    Thank you 'ic3g1l' for your positive feedback - I'm hoping my tutoring experience will be transferable to a class of 30+!
  7. paulcollins

    paulcollins New commenter

    Hi there 'brookes', thank you for your comments - they're very welcome! I'm just about to start my GTP (I have my induction day at my new school on 31st Aug). I've been working as a cover supervisor/privately tutoring in Maths/Science for the past 2 years.
    I will be posting reflections on all the ideas I will use come September and constantly improve/tweak certain ideas after I have tried them out. So, please feel free to check the blog as and when you can and let me know any thoughts you have! Any help/opinions will be gratefully received and will only help my professional development throughout the year!
  8. It looks great - good luck!
  9. Do let me know how you get on with this! It will be very intersting to see the outcomes!
    Good luck with your GTP

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