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maternity wear

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by confusedaspie, May 10, 2012.

  1. Hi to you all,

    On a related topic - my wife and I had similar thoughts last year whilst she was pregnant with our first. We couldn't find outdoor maternity clothes anywhere - except for a site in the states (mountain-mama.com). We ended up setting up our own site over here, importing the mountain mama range (www.grow-outdoors.co.uk for anyone who's interested). We're selling reasonably well, but it's been a lot of effort to get set up - it takes time to get the website right and to go through all the legal stuff, not to mention the headache of getting ranked and listed on google! Import costs are the main hurdle to making money, but if you can source the right thing and sell enough then it's certainly worth a go! Main advice would be to start small, and follow Lord Sugar's words of wisdom "smell what sells".
  2. I kept checking every week so got some bargains.
    Topshop maternity range (on sale) - I got
    30"leg jeans for a tenner and loads of dressers for £7 and mamas and papas
    sale. Was struggling to find shorts in the recent heatwave but h&m do some
    for a tenner (they come up small - I'm a 14 in topshop but had to go to an 18
    in h&m).




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  3. Hi,
    I recently tried Morph maternity products and I must say that I am impressed. All their clothes are extremely comfortable and their sleep wear is superbly designed for during and post pregnancy with discrete openings for nursing. It is everything a woman could ask for. The prices are also too affordable with high quality and also can be shop online, and they provide good services also ... i am glad to morph maternity wears.....
  4. Hi, I used Ebay, New Look, Peacocks and Matalan for day to day work/casual clothes and bought a couple of things in Dorothy Perkins and Next for 'nice'. Quality of the work stuff wasn't great, but some has been reused this pregnancy. I got my swimsuit in Mothercare - really basic one and bras in Bravissimo. The bras were probably the most expensive items, but they were worth it to be comfy.
  5. I was luckily given a lot of maternity stuff from one of my friends who had her little boy 6 months before I had mine. Shopping wise I used mamas & papas, topshop & asos.

    My SIL has recently opened a maternity shop in knutsford, Cheshire which has some gorgeous things in. She set it up after struggling to find decent mat wear when pregnant with her son. Definitely worth popping in if you're local plus there are also some items which can be bought online.


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