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Maternity policy

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by lankylau, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. Hi! I've just secured my nqt teaching job on a 1 year fixed term basis (possibility of renewal if all goes well) and I'm thrilled! The school is amazing and the staff seem lovely. The complication is however my husband and I have so many plans desperately trying to cram into the near future as we aim to move to New Zealand in a year or two and before that would love to have our first child. We both would have wanted a baby long ago but kept putting it on hold so I could finish uni and then I couldn't get a teaching job when I graduated so a year has now been wasted. Finally things are starting to fall in to place and I have agreed that providing we have our own place (currently living at the in-laws) we can try for a baby from about Xmas time so that the baby would come along after I had completed my not year. Thing is though I can't find the maternity policy in the schools network files and it wasn't detailed in my contract. Is there a way I can get hold of the policy without scaring my new employer that I'm either already preggers or planning to be (thus no chance of a contract renewal) and possible bad feeling that I'm not taking this opportunity seriously? I am so happy with starting my career but our hearts are so desperate for a child too and everythings on a bit of a time limit for us. I just need to know where I stand financially in the future so we don't make an unrealistic decision. Help!
  2. If you work for a state school in a local authority then your terms and conditions (inc for maternity pay) are covered by the Burgandy Book

    see here http://www.lge.gov.uk/lge/core/page.do?pageId=119369

    Also have a look at the union websites - both the NUT and NASUWT have good info on maternity rights and benefits and have helped answer a lot of my questions during my pregnancy.

    Good luck!

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