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Maternity pay

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by lost_in_translation, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Hi!

    (Also posted this in pregnancy but thought you folks might know more having been through it!)

    Just wondering how much anyone on here can tell me about maternity pay? I'm currently 14 weeks pregnant, due in late Sept so working till the summer and starting maternity leave at the start of next academic year. I am very unlikely to go back to work as I work a long way from where I live, the school is small and cannot realistically offer me part time and we can afford to live on my husband's wages alone so the plan is for me to have a career break for a while.

    Just wondering where this puts me in terms of mat pay entitlements. I have read the tes maternity faq pages and understand that as I have been in my current post since 2008 I would be entitled to the enhanced pay under the burgandy book but I really don't want to go back for the 13 weeks (yes I know the summer hols would count but it's just not for me). Do I have an option not to take the enhanced pay unless I go back? Or do I have to receive it and pay back the enhanced bit later? Any help much appreciated?

    Thanks x
  2. the only way to keep the 12 weeks 50% is go back for 13 weeks.
    you can however inform HR that you are unsure as to whether or not you will return and therefore ask them to withhold the 50% part of the maternity pay. that way you don't have to find money to pay them back and if you do decide to return you get a lump sum off them for the 12 weeks @ 50%.

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