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maternity pay on supply

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by cleocleoteacher, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Hi
    I am pregnant and have worked out that I am due around the beginning of December this year. I have been doing supply teaching regularly through an agency for the past four years. I work pretty much everyday apart from in September and October.
    However, I am a little worried about the timing of my pregnacy and think I might have mananged to get pregnant at the worse possible time to get the maximum amount for maternity pay! This is because I have read that they work out how much you get from the 15 weeks before you plan to take maternity leave (which for me will be as close to when the baby is due as possible) and so I am worried about the fact that this will include the long summer holiday period when I will not have earnt anything from my agency. Will this mean that I will qualify for maternity leave?
    I also have a holiday job which I do part-time during the holidays which pays alot less than what I earn as a supply teacher during term time. I am worried that if I do this job during the summer they will work out my maternity pay based on my earnings through this job rather than my earnings from supply teaching, which will be a lot lower. Should I not work during the summer to avoid this?

    Can anyone help?
  2. http://m.direct.gov.uk/syndicationController?action=view&param=DG_10018869&utn=a7cd061f4e9f423a9c94201204222047 this should help. It's worked out on 13 weeks in your test period which is 66 weeks before baby is due and you chose the best 13 weeks of work you have had. I'm due 1st sep meaning 6 weeks no work plus the school I was doing long term til summer ditched me this term due to finances. Haven't tried claiming yet as you need your form from the midwife and second time round I don't see her til 28 weeks, last appointment was 16 weeks. You can claim MA from 28 weeks if you have no work or can choose your dates. Think I will be seeing how work goes this term and may start MA as soon as I am eligible.

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