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Maternity Pay...help!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by lcooper27, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I have been reading people's posts ever since I found out I was pregnant and was hoping I could pick your brains. I am due in Oct and have no intention of going back full time. I would possibly consider part time but it's very unlikely I'd get it coz my headteacher doesn't agree with job shares and I know lots of people at my school have requested part time but it's been rejected.

    My question is what do I tell my head about my intentions? Am I straight with her from the start about my intentions not to work full time? Or do I just tell her I'm coming back? What implications are there financially? Do I lose out on money by being straight from the start saying I'm not coming back (coz part time will not be an option)?

    Any experience or advice will be greatly welcomed!

  2. chocolateheaven

    chocolateheaven New commenter

    If you don't return after mat leave you have to pay back the 12 weeks half pay that you received. In order to not have to pay this back, you have to work for 13 weeks if returning full time, 26 if part time when you were full time before etc. There is no necessity to tell head intentions beforehand, unless you are certain you won't return in which case most people would take the lower mat pay rather than having to pay loads back.
    Your head has to consider a request to be pt and if a refusal is based on personal preference rather than a demonstrable disadvantage, your union can appeal. There are certain grounds that a request can be refused on, and your head would have to prove that your request met those grounds.
    TBH, with a baby due in Oct, what I would do is take the full mat pay and return full time at May half term - it's 13 weeks from June 1st to Aug 31st, but that includes 6 weeks of summer hols, and this year it also includes May half term. Therefore you'd only be at work for 6 weeks but would avoid having to pay back the money. You could put in a pt request before your return, and see what happens. If it's rejected, hand notice in but work those 6 weeks before the summer. Does that make sense?
    It's what I would do, anyway!

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