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Maternity pay and job security

Discussion in 'Independent' started by skinnimini, Apr 6, 2020.

  1. skinnimini

    skinnimini New commenter


    I’m currently employed in the state sector and have just been offered an interview at a private school for a job in September.

    I’m beginning to wonder with all the uncertainty recently if it’s the right decision to move to a private school. Would the school even be open in September? Would they be struggling financially? I know the school is no longer part of the TPS so does this suggest they are not in a strong financial position? I have so many questions!

    Also, at some point in the future (in the next 2 years) I want to start a family. I’m not sure what the maternity pay is like at the school and I’m worried it doesn’t match the state. Should I ask this at interview or would that be a strange question to ask? Or should I wait until I’m offered the job to discuss salary and conditions of work?

    Part of me is thinking it would be better to stay put.

    It would be great to hear some advice. Thanks.
  2. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Unless where you are is truly horrific, then maybe stay another year.

    Maternity is unlikely to be as good as in the state sector, but could be better.
    Pulling out of the TPS is no indication of financial stability, but is a good indication of how staff are valued.

    When offered the post, accept by saying something like 'Yes of course, as long as we can agree on reasonable terms and conditions'. When the contract arrives, usually fairly quickly, then read and conditions and see what you think.
  3. SiriusB

    SiriusB New commenter

    I’m not sure that waiting for the contract is always a possibility. My new school wouldn’t have sent it to me for ages, but I had to ask for it urgently as I was worried about the situation and didn’t want to resign before signing it. Sometimes you don’t even get your contract until you arrive at the school (this happened to be with my current post).
    I still wouldn’t ask about the maternity leave at interview of course.
    There is a way to get an idea about a school’s finances by searching for it in the registered charities website: https://beta.charitycommission.gov.uk/
    You can see how much they made last year versus how much they spent. I don’t know how much you can extrapolate from this info but at least you can see if a school is barely breaking even or making a profit.

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