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maternity pay and conversion to academies

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by isitnormal, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Hi, I wonder if anyone might be able to answer some questions for me? I am currently on maternity leave and am receiving the higher level of maternity pay. I am due to return at the beginning of November which is when my maternity pay period ends. The school is converting to academy status from 1st Jan 2012, I dont want to work for an academy so will be looking for another job. Will I be able to ask for redundancy when the school converts? if so will I have to pay back my maternity pay? Because the school is converting might I have to pay back my maternity pay to the LEA anyway as they are no longer my employer? thanks in anticipation of any replies!!
  2. tomjones79

    tomjones79 New commenter

    You have to work 13 weeks equivalent to what you did before your leave, on your return not to lose any maternity pay.
    For example, if you were full time before your leave and you return full time then you have to work 13 weeks. However, if you were full time and you then go back at 0.5, you would have to work 26 weeks not to lose any maternity pay.

    The academy conversion is irrelevant to this as TUPE means your previous conditions are transferred so as long as you work the 13 week equiv. then you don't pay back.

    You can resign before 31st October for Xmas hold. but I wouldn't advise this as you would then lose most of your maternity pay. My advice would be come back and work one year until next summer and then resign before 31st May 2012 if you don't want to work there. You never know, it may not be that bad.
  3. thank you for your advice tom, very much appreciated

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