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Maternity pay after 18 weeks?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by blueone, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. blueone

    blueone New commenter

    Id say save as much as you can so as to suppliment your smp, thats what i had to do and a lot of people do. SMP works out roughly at around £500, but i needed to add more to make up some of my lost income. I did save quite a lot and have been fortunate enough to have 9 months off on maternity. My money has run out now and im back to work next week :(
    Im glad i've had as much time off with LO as possible too
    good luck x
  2. i had 13 weeks with my son before my maternity pay ran out (he was overdue, left at 36 weeks). my family supported me for another 4 weeks but i had to go back before my son was 4 months. it's really tough and i must admit i'm jealous of others who can take longer.
  3. Each and every situation/family are different. Some take the entire year off, some will go back after as little as a few weeks. It's not even just the finances, some mums are happy to go back to work earlier even though they're comfortable financially. Best thing is work out your total income between you and OH.

    In my situation, I've always been a good saver and 'trained' up OH quite early on to be a saver too! ;-) and so am in a fortunate position to be able to plan at the moment, 9 months maternity leave. Obviously we must earn a reasonable salary too to be able to take the 9 months. If I have to return to work a few weeks earlier because finances are not working, then so be it, but I hope that I can actually take longer than 9 months, but don't think that'll happen. Take into account, child benefit that you'll get and any 'keep in touch' days that will pay you a day's wage etc.
  4. I agree with Dannii, in fact you sound just like me in terms of being a saver and training OH to be the same! I found out my mat pay entitlements before we even started TTC, so I knew what we needed to save up. I also typed up a budget on an excel sheet to show all out incomings and outgoings during mat leave. I would recommend this to anyone as then you can see in black and white where you stand financially and what choices you have.
    As you say, everyone's situation is different, we could cope wit paying basic bills for 12 months but I'd like to back to work at the start of school year in Sept I think (after 8 months), although I may feel differently when baby is here!

  5. becky70

    becky70 New commenter

    It really varies - I've known people return as early as you say while other people have a whole year off. The last three months of the year is unpaid though. Most people go back when finance demands - rich partner, relatively small mortgage, few or no debts = staying off for a year, unemployed/low paid partner, big mortgage, lots of debt = going back pretty early on, very likely when you drop to SMP.
    You really need to look at your own finances.
  6. Actually for me it's, huge mortgage, partner who earns a little more than me, saving like MAD whilst still working = hopefully a year off!
  7. At 18 weeks, just say you are adopting or something.
  8. I was joking of course. But the point is that maternity payments are so low they do not make it worthwhile to have loads of kids.
  9. Shouldn't rise to the bait but.... sod the f*** off, jonahcohen.
  10. I thought it dropped to 50% of your wage plus SMP?
  11. I went back on Friday - LO was 8 months old - could have afforded not to go back until September (obviously putting start date as first day of hols) but I wanted to feel settled in September and not be in this crying phase then. (I cried for most of the day)- well thats my hope anyway. I would be happier not going back at all but OH is self employed and my wages take the stress away (even when I am part time from September)
  12. that's until week 18, then it drops to SMP only until week 33 I believe.

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