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Maternity Pads...

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by katy_lou_99, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Hi Betty,
    I used Tesco's own brand of maternity pads and had no problem with them, I found them soft and well padded (which is a must after birth!) I definately second what other posters have said and get more than you need, you will go through quite a few in the first few days / week and you don't want to be finding yourself without any! As the bleeding got less I started using normal sanitary towels.
  2. I used the Always night time towels as the slightly formed shape and 'wings' made them much more comfortable than maternity pads. Sorry if TMI but on the morning after my c-section, and using hospital maternity pads, I got out of bed, stood up and the floor looked like an abbattoir. They left the catheter in overnight so didn't need to get up for the loo and LO was in SCBU so no night feeding either.
    Changed roughly 2 hourly for first couple of days and then it slowed down for the rest of the week. Bled for about 3 wks in total but then 8mths with nothing as I was BFing.
  3. I got through one hell of a lot of maternity pads and then sanitary towels. One hell of a lot! I bled for nearly 3 months but that's not usual, really!
    But as long as you've got a few packs initially you can easily get more in pharmacies / supermarkets as you go along should you need to, or get lighter ones as bleeding gets less. I found the cheapies no worse than more expensive, and agree with others that after stitches you actually appreciate the thick ones.
    I know this sounds a bit weird but I found one thing that really surprised me after birth (and I thought I'd read and watched and listened to everything I could!) was how bruised my bum felt. It makes perfect sense as all your inners have been squashed by a baby's head coming down the birth canal, (and forceps, for me) but I hadn't expected it! The thick pads best for this, too.
  4. AndiH I'm jealous - what with 11 weeks of post natal bleeding followed by periods reappearing after that (despite exclusive bf) I felt a bit cheated! At least pregnancy was bleed free, which I know is something many people would be jealous of when they've had worrying bleeds.
  5. hhhh

    hhhh Star commenter

    It all depends on luck. Some people I know stopped bleeding properly after a week, some bled right up till periods started again. I'd say buy two [acks, you can always order more online! Same with breast pads and everything else, you never know how things are going to go.
    PS you can never buy baby enough bibs!
  6. rebel75

    rebel75 New commenter

    I have googled and mumsnetted on this one and found that loads of ladies recommend Kotex maxi nightime pads... They're on special in Superdrug at the moment. I'm a firstimer so I haven't a clue how many I'm going to need co have got two packs of the Kotex and two packs of the Boots maternity ones. Always Nightime can cause problems if you have stitches according to some mums so I'm steering clear of these (apparently they have been known to stick to the stitches... Eeeek!!)
  7. Thanks ladies! I knew you lot would come to my rescue!
    I've just bought 5 packs from boots and i've also bought some normal sanitary towells for when it gets lighter - this means I won't have to send the hubby out for more....I hope!
    I HATE wearing pads so I am not looking forward to wearing them for so long [​IMG] but I have also bought myself some GIANT knickers so hopefully I can make myself a bit more comfy!
    Talking about stitches - I read that a way to sooth the pain is to fill condoms with water and freeze them so you have a kind of ice pop for 'down there' if you're in pain...dunno if it works but considering doing it just to see the hubbys face when he finds condoms in the freezer!
    Thanks again! [​IMG]
  8. Im a first timer too and have never heard of this but I guess in a round about way it makes some sort of sense!! Can just imagine my OH's face finding condoms in the freezer, or even better the MiL when she comes to stay! haha!
  9. erm, how can I put it??.....
    Do you use the 'ice-pop' horizontally or vertically? lol
    I was wrecked down below last time so I'm willing to try anything this time should the need arise!
  10. he he he! [​IMG]
    You can use them horizontally but you can also fill them with KY jelly and use them ahem 'vertically' as apparently the KY jelly doesn't freeze solidly so you could use it 'vertically' without impaling yourself!!! [​IMG]
  11. I never even thought of using them horizontally - my brain doesn't work right sometimes!! [​IMG]
    The KY jelly thing does sound good tho, presume the condom doesnt lose its strength once frozen? Wouldnt want it breaking!! x
  12. MrsDetermined

    MrsDetermined New commenter

    I haven't read the whole thread so forgive me if I'm repeating. I found Boots own slim ones (each one is folded in it's own packet) really good and used them right from the beginning. I can understand the need for a bit of cushioning but I had stiches and still found these okay. What you must do is warn partners not to but sanitary towels such as Always with the whole 'top weave dry layer' or whatever jargon they are using. I sent my hubby on a mission and he brought me some. I suddenly got very itchy and the midwife said it's common for women to get very irritated by them.
    And you can't have too many!

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