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Maternity Leave

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by silvercrayon, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. silvercrayon

    silvercrayon New commenter

    Hi can anyone advise?!

    LO expected on 17th August

    Being a teacher I'm hoping to work up until end of term (21st July)

    So on the form I need to put EDD as 1st day of mat leave? Is this right?!

    Maternity leave won't start for me on last day of term as I'll work as normal and start summer hols as normal.

    Any experiences/ advise much needed !
  2. Congratulations
    yes - 17th August is the date you put in letter to employers. You can't start later than that even if you are late. - You want to take advantage of full pay until then - I'm sure
  3. silvercrayon

    silvercrayon New commenter

    Yes! Thank you for your reply
  4. Thats right! You can put 17th August as the first day of your maternity leave, no probs. If your baby arrives early though maternity leave will start from actual birth date - as it would if you were due any time of the year.
    My baby was due 16th Aug last year but in the end I had to be induced and she didn't arrive until 27th Aug! I chose to finish on 9th July but probably could have worked till the end of term in hindsight. I had a very large bump though and it was a struggle in the heat! I also did several evening events in those last 2 weeks, school events and personal ones, which I would not have been able to manage after a day of work.
  5. Yup, 17th Aug as first day of maternity leave. Although it will start sooner if LO arrives early.

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