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Maternity leave

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by mmmredwine, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    If none of this makes sense I apologise - it has been a long week!
    I was just wodnering if any of you have taken maternity leave and if so how your school has recruited a replacement for you.
    My head has known for several weeks that I am pregnant; I am not due until the end of September so my plan is to come back for 2 weeks at the beginning of term to get everything off and running and then go.
    Now I spoke to the head today about replacing me whilst I'm off, the other Drama teacher in my department will become hod (not that anyone has spoken to him or offered him this!). The head has refused to advertise in the TES as it is too expensive and is hoping to recruit from an agency in July.
    I am really worried about this, I have worked very hard to build a very successful department and last year we were given part of the specialism to reflect this, but now I am worried that someone is going to just come in who we are not going to interview or anything. We have 20 students that will be going into A2 next year and will have two AS classes, so it needs to be someone that has a strong subject knowledge etc.
    When I expressed my concern I was told "well it was your choice to get pregnant" I am now left feeling incredibly guilty for being pregnant and very guilty not only to my colleague who I am leaving to pick up the pieces but also to the students that I now feel I am deserting.

    Sorry for the long rant/panic I just wanted to know if this is the normal scenario or whether it has been handled more successfully in your own schools.

    Many Thanks
  2. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    Sounds as though you should take your maximum leave (12 mths) then tell them you're not coming back.
    Your HT might drop lucky (same member of staff from agency all the time or different from day to day?) and will p[robably end up paying more than employing someone on a temp. contract - and get less committment.
    As this is not really subject-specific, put it on Opinion for bigger pool of answers.
    BTW - best wishes for the event.

  3. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    My school did not advertise my maternity leave. In fact it was covered by an English teacher who had been on supply at our place. I worried initially, but you just have to detach yourself and think 'right am on leave.... forget it'.

  4. Thank you both for your replies, I had just presumed that they would get a qualified Drama teacher in - more fool me, clearly.

    I just feel bad as I have the most wonderful and incredible year 12 group and I now feel so guilty.
    If anyone wants a maternity post from September in Warwickshire, in a good department with fabulous, fabulous students please contact me.
  5. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    I know exactly how you feel MM... I had thought the same and it was part fo the reason I came back to work after 18 weeks.... I can't complain too much as the English teacher knew the kids as they had been on supply here, and she did do a fine job of keeping things together and ticking over. My main advice is to start boxing up stuff that might go missing and locking stuff away that you don't want to get broken/ pinched/ mislaid... I was absent for 3 weeks with hyperemesis in pregnancy and having come back to a tip after being off then, I learnt!
  6. fudgeface

    fudgeface Occasional commenter

    Where in Warwickshire? (I don't know how to PM)
  7. Hi - i was on mat leave this time last year - i too only had 18 weeks off then back to work
    - well i was lucky as it was the summer holidays. they didn't advertise - they got a drama specailist off the supply. They were good, kept the dep going through the kids GCSE exams and i used some KIT days for the practical and to mark coursework. its been hard going back to work, but i think for me it was getting into the swing of things work v life balance. always welcome to PM me .
  8. I would definitely lock away stuff you don't want it ruined - I came back to the resources being a right mess, and all of the budget had been spent on photocopying - despite the fact that I had left everything that was needed! You have to just accept that it won't be perfect and focus on you and the baby! Hope all goes well x
  9. Thank you all so much for your replies - I think I may have sorted things - I spent some time emailing contacts and had someone come over for a tour round the other day. She had a chat with the head and I had a big long chat. My head has called her current head for a reference and it was good - so fingers crossed.

    Now I can relax about next year what will be will be - my current year 10s are already better than the crappy yr 11s we have this year. So now I can start planning my own life!!

    Seriously huge thank you for all of your advice it has been great to read and I am glad I am not alone!

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