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Maternity leave - September

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by bambibezz, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. bambibezz

    bambibezz New commenter

    Hi all, I am expecting twins and have obviously finished school for the summer holidays. I have told work that I will work into September, (I think I gave them a provisional date of 8th) but they have already covered my timetable and responsibilities and my role would just be supervisory. However, over the holidays I have become increasingly less mobile and have been encouraged by consultants to just rest up as much as possible.

    As a result, I am wondering what I should do about starting my maternity leave on September 1st? I wouldn’t be letting anyone down as I said before that my role is covered, however, I am wondering whether a simple telephone call into school would suffice to request the start of my maternity leave or whether I actually need to ‘complete a day’ in order for my maternity leave to start from September rather than the last day before summer hols. Not quite sure how on earth I will make it through a day back at school!

    So to summarise, do I need to complete at least a day to qualify for my full pay for over the summer hols or can I just ring in on September 1st and notify them that I want to start my maternity?

    Any advice or past experiences would be greatly appreciated.

    Twin mum to be!
  2. GraficGeek

    GraficGeek New commenter

    Just waddle in love say hi at the office. This will prove that you are not still not in Ibiza then get home and put your feet up. Maybe a little exam analysis if you are up for it. Good luck with the year out.
  3. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    When are you due? If you are off ill for a pregnancy-related reason after 36 weeks, that automatically triggers the start of maternity leave - if you're that far on, you could go in for the training day, find it too much and then get signed off! Or just get signed off if you don't think you'd cope with the training day. Even if you're not that far on, you could be signed off and then maternity leave would start at 36 weeks/8th September, whichever comes first. That would have the advantage that you're not using up maternity leave until then.

    I can't find anything about changing plans other than because of illness or early arrival - but I suspect the school would be amenable, and even if sorting paperwork takes time, it must be doable retrospectively as that's what must happen with an early arrival.

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