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Maternity leave dates

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by ellbee, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. ellbee

    ellbee New commenter


    I am due on 6th May and want to start my Mat leave just as the Easter hols finish. In our LEA that is 16th April. Do I put the date we break up (30th March) or the 16th April, the day we go back?

    I thought if I could put 16th April then I think (if I am right) that is when m mat pay would kick in (and be paid over the easter hols on full pay :) )

    Does this sound right?

  2. put the day you go back (16th April). I started my mat leave on first day back after christmas 2 years ago!
  3. ellbee

    ellbee New commenter

    Thought this would be the case. Thanks :))
  4. jafitife

    jafitife New commenter

    Day you go back, I did that after the summer hols:)


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