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Maternity leave date

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by shsquidge, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Hi ladies only just thought that there would be this forum on here and already reading through it has been very helpful! I was just hoping someone is in a similar situation to me and can advise!? I am due on 5th jan and a friend told me I can put 3rd jan as my mat leave date which means that I technically leave on fri - last day of Christmas term and not return- therefore getting paid normal for holidays and starting mat pay as of jan!?
    Any advice or knowledge of what I can do would be very well received!!
    I hope you are all well and enjoying bumps!
    Sarah x
  2. Your friend is correct. From what I understand, you would have to put your date as Sunday 1st Jan. The start date has to be the Sunday before your due date, should baby come sooner, your maternity would start from when baba is born.

  3. My first mat leave started on Monday 4th jan- first day back after Christmas- and my second is starting on 5th September this year- start of autumn term! So yes absolutely it can be done!
  4. RKM


    I am due 7th Dec and will finish work at Oct 1/2 but I have put my start date at 30th Oct as school will start on Mon 31st Oct!!
    I am going back in on the last week of term before the 6weeks hols next year!!
  5. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Is it only if you are working up to the last minute you have to put a sunday as the first day? I want to finish the first day of term in January which would be a Wednesday (the 4th). Please can anyone advise me? I don't want to put Sunday 1st Jan if I can get away with a few days later.
    Thanks x
  6. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    The Sunday thing is a myth.
  7. Shsquidge - I am due on 6th Jan! Thanks for asking this as I also need to inform my Head next week. I hope to be able to work up to Christmas (financially speaking - not because I am so enthusiastic about work) although who knows what will happen in the next 28 weeks. I will also put first day of the new term down on form. You should join us on Winter Babies 2011/12 if you haven't already [​IMG]
  8. I don't know if it differs according to LEA but I had to put the last Sunday of the summer hols as my start date. This was confirmed by my union. Both the start and end dates of my mat leave have to be Sundays x
  9. I'm due on 28th October whcih is the Friday of October half term. I've given my due date as the start of my maternity leave because of the money not because I don't want to leave work!

    As I understand it you can give any date you want up to and including your due date.
  10. Maybe I'm pushing it a bit? I'm due 3rd December and have put 20th November as my maternity start date. I thought 2 weeks off would be enough and baby could be late? Am I deluding myself that I can work this late? Way I see it is I'll either be fine and be able to work until then or I'll be ill (I have a slightly higher risk pregnancy anyway) and I'll unfortunatley be signed off and have my maternity kick in at 36 weeks. I'd rather work until 38weeks if I can [​IMG]
    I still can't decide when to go back. I could do the same as you and go back in July or I am hlaf tempted to stay off until October half term. Guess we shall wait and see.
    OP think your question has been answered by now. Good luck with the PG.

  11. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    I've decided that I'm finishing at Christmas with my first day of leave being the first day in January, even though not due until 19th Feb. This is because I know I will find it hard towards the end and want to be able to look after myself and baby well at the end.
    I'm going to take the full year off and go back January the following year. Baby will be ablout 10 months.
    Coolgiraffe (14+4) xxx
  12. Ah we are almost exactly the same! Reading all of this has really helped- thanks everyone! When do you plan on going back? Someone on here wrote that if you are returning back in September then you can put the first day of summer holidays as your return to work date! Seems cheeky but like you it's a financial choice and I could do with that extra month!! Even if at my part time rate!? X
  13. It's been really good reading this. I was a bit worried because I'm due 31st March (first day of Easter hols) but was going to go off at half term. I figured that I wouldn't make it til Easter and I might as well go off then to get the full year as I couldn't go back in the middle of a half term! Baby would be 10 months when I return.
    I keep reading about people who want to work til they drop, which I know some people like to do to stop them getting bored or because they can't have long off after the baby is born. However, like Coolgiraffe, I want to have a rest and keep myself as fit and rested as possible for when all the real fun starts!

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