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maternity leave cover questions

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by sparklyrainbowfish, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. sparklyrainbowfish

    sparklyrainbowfish New commenter

    Hi all
    I thought I'd ask the opinions of more experienced supply teachers. (I did daily supply a few years ago, but have been in permanent posts for the last 6 years).
    I have just accepted a maternity leave cover for the summer term through an agency. The school is still deciding whether to offer me a fixed term contract or take me on as daily supply. They are hoping to offer me a permanent post from September, but needed to get me in to cover this class as the teacher is off straight after the Easter hols.
    I have a couple of questions:
    - if I do get paid as daily supply and they do offer me a permanent post, is there any way I can get them to pay me over the summer holidays? I am going to be taking a pay cut as it is, and don't want to lose too much (yes I know holiday pay is included, but still not enough)
    - the agency have mentioned some kind of scheme that I can sign up for to reclaim travel and food expenses. I gather this is some kind of tax thingy. I don't really get it. Is it a good idea? I'm also self-employed as I do private tuition and don't want to complicate things for my tax returns.
    - how much will I be expected to keep the same in the class? I don't mind keeping things the same for a while, but would really like to show the school the way that I work as a classteacher, especially as I am hoping to be taken on permanently at the end of the term
    I am really looking foward to starting at this school. they seem lovely and very supportive and I'm so happy to have got this post. Any tips or advice to help make this a success for me would be most welcome.

    Thanks a lot,
  2. Unless you are a politician, IR35 legislation will stop you reclaiming your expenses as a sole contractor. They may not catch you, but if they do, the umbrella will point the finger at you and all you can say is "I'm ignorant of IR35" and the taxman will bend you over. It is up to you to know the tax laws which affect you. Ignorance is not an excuse and there are a lot of people on here who are running the gauntlet with the tax man. You might as well do it properly and run heating oil in your car, as that's also illegal and carries a massive punishment, albeit an unlikely punishment.

    If they catch you, they will $hag you.

    The fact that agencies are offering to pimp teachers without even caring for their legal pay obligations is totally odious and immoral. I have a very very big problem with this. It's disgusting and parasitic and from time to time, someone gets raped for doing so.

    Look at contracts and remember that YOU ARE ALLOWED TO CROSS OUT BITS YOU DON'T LIKE!!!!! Agency scum like to make money when someone likes you and wants to take you off the pimp. They want to be paid for their hoe to become a respectable person. I gather it's to the tune of £5k. I have been on the other end of this and have been explicitly told that I missed a job opportunity purely due to the slavery pimp person-ownership of these utter vermin. Sadly I was an idiot as I signed the contract.

    I want you to say to the school. "Right, if there is any opportunity for me to work for you full time, I don't want the agency using the "we own your b!tch" when it comes to job time. Can I ask you to opt out of that part of the contract, or take me on with your own contract?"

    Your first interest is doing their job to the best of your ability and providing them with the best value. This is gained by them offering you a contract, however, if they go with supply and you are subject to a clawback-clause, you are very sorry, but cannot put yourself through this ****. I cynically think they are contemplating the agency option to keep their options open. "Sorry we have dropped you like a stone, but she's coming back on Monday and you can pi$$ off.". Remember their loyalty is to a fellow colleague (no matter how **** or slack), not a wannabe! There really is no romance in this game.

    Stay the hell away from umbrellas, unless you like running the gauntlet with the tax man. If you are in this boat, try running your car on heating oil, turning your gas meter around periodically, bridging your electric meter, etc, etc. However, if it is your turn to be unlucky, the last person you want on your case is HMRC, they will go through everything with a fine tooth comb and if you cannot prove you didn't do it, then you did and then you will pay, bigtime.

    Well done for getting in the potential work spotlight, it's better than &^%* all!!!!
  3. ....sadly, if you don't agree to their terms, they will find someone who does. Supply and demand have seen that it comes down to the lowest common denominator..... You could appeal to their sense of value and offer them a contact which excludes the normal payscale. Obviously, people in unions would want to kill you, but hey! it's not them without a job!
  4. sparklyrainbowfish

    sparklyrainbowfish New commenter

    Thanks for your replies stuart.
    I had pretty much figured that the tax thingy would be a bad idea for me.

    Anyone got any suggestions for my first and third questions?


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