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Maternity leave and sick pay

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Houstonwehaveaproblem, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Thanks for the advice everyone.
    Which is the fibrenectin test bg? Is that the swab to see if you re about to go into labour? Had that and it was negative. It's a horrible scare though, and like you, I'm still really crampy. Think I'm going to ring doc tomorrow and see what they think. I don't really want to go off yet, but really worried about going into prem labour now. When are you working up to?? Did you consider going off just in case??
  2. I have actually finished now I dont work in teaching and had loads of annual leave to use up. I did go back in but I only have a desk job anyway its not like teaching. I had nearly a week off sick.
  3. Yes fibrenectin test says if you are going into labour. Mine was also neg I think that is good if positive then would deffo say not go back.
  4. Thanks for that Andi H, it does really help getting some perspective on everything! Have been signed off until my mat leave kicks in, and now the decision is made I feel much better about it. Its definitely whats better for baby in the long run, anything I can do to keep he/she in there for a few mmore weeks the better! My school have also been brill which really helps, though I nearly cried when I left this morning after dropping off my sick note!
    H x

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