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Maternity leave and inspection?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by ladymarm, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. SURELY, surely ,surely an ofsted inspector wouldn't dream of picking up the phone to ring a teacher on maternity leave???
    I have just missed an inspection whilst on mat leave and my boss didn't even tell me there had been an inspection until it was over as she knew I'd be worrying! I hope an inspector would treat you with the same courtesy.
  2. secretsiren

    secretsiren Star commenter

    That's what you'd hope, but I'm concerned my Head would refer any questions about my subject by saying 'oh, she won't mind'! But I do mind. A lot! I think the fact that I felt bullied into it isn't helping...my wide open mouth probably didn't articulate 'NO' as well as I would have liked!
  3. hhhh

    hhhh Star commenter

    This is the problem with schools these days. I know there are bad teachers, but the rest of us get hassled for it too. I mean I hope you have an easy birth and everything goes right, but many women feel low after, it's quite normal, and you should only be thinking about the baby right now. My HOD was hassling me, not quite in the same way, but still, I was worrying about work and I think it affected my health, and later was only woried about my baby, but in these days we all do worry about work.
    I would speak to your union anyway. And ask the head to clarify what s/he said in writing. Bet he backs down...
  4. Just to look at it from the other angle, if you did end up being spoken to you can always bill the school for a KIT day which would mean that you would get an additional days full pay. Not that it would necessarily compensate for the stress of being involved! Just a thought!
    On the other hand, it would never be something that I would expect any of my staff to do!
  5. I'm currently on maternity leave with a 3 month old (just). OFSTED were in my school a couple of weeks ago and the Head didn't even want the staff to tell me in case I worried. I'm SENCO and the inspectors didn't see the need to contact me so I don't think it should be expected of you. I used to work in a school where the Head was on maternity and came in for the inspection 3 days after giving birth!
  6. I just wanted to add that I'm sure an Ofsted inspector would not phone you when you;ve just had a baby. Why would there be a need? It doesn't matter if you're HOD or not - there should be someone else that can deal with anything while you are away. It would be unreasonable. I've had some problems while I've been off (LO is just 6 months now) with my HOD contacting me - phoning, emailing, texting etc to ask where things are and if I can send info (assessment stuff). Initially I did it, but a few week back I though enough's enough! Everytime I had contact I spent the next few nights not sleeping thinking about school. I called the NUT and they said that there is no set rule about contact when on mat leave - but they didn't think it was reasonable. They advised me to email HOD and say that I gave an adequate handover and was finding it unsettling being contacted when having to deal with a new baby. I did this and copied the Head in. HOD emailed me back a snotty email saying that he would not 'waste my time' in future! Anyway, that's just a silly HOD who doesn't know what's reasonable. I'm sure an Ofsted inspector would! Take care and good luck xx
  7. Ofsted came calling at mine when LO was 2 weeks old. Head rang to see if there was any chance I could talk to the inspectors about my areas/age phase (middle management) I didn't want my replacement to misrepresent all the hard work my team had done over 3 years so I went in, baby in tow. I wanted to and was under no pressure from my head, he asked and told me I was more than welcome to tell him to get lost. I personally would have been annoyed if I had been out of the loop, but I understand other people's feeling that they wouldn't want to be bothered by it. I think it depends on the relationship you have with school - my school almost feels like family and it really looks after its staff - I suppose it's give and take - if they had treated me shoddily I wouldn't have been so quick to do them a favour. I did claim it as a KIT day.

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