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Maternity Dress Code

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by hedwards19, Jan 17, 2020.

  1. hedwards19

    hedwards19 New commenter

    Hi all,

    I am newly pregnant, due in September, and am wondering if there is such thing as a maternity dress code?
    I am plus size and have been doing some research into plus size maternity wear, in preparation for needing the comfort panels in my work trousers etc and seem to be coming up short or empty - i'm a hit and miss size in places like debenhams and m&s, while plus size sites like simply be and yours don't seem to offer just standard work trousers for expectant mothers. I had a brief conversation with my HT about the possibility of wear leggings under knee length dresses if i am unable to find trousers that are suitable. She said that i wouldn't be able to but could not offer an alternative other than tights, which she then said would probably be rather uncomfortable in the summer term especially with the heat we have had the last couple of years.
    Does anyone has any ideas where i could look for plus size maternity clothes (please not just a random google search, it does not yield many good results) or what could be worn instead or where i can find a copy of a maternity dress code?
  2. b15b2y

    b15b2y New commenter

    I would just aim to keep a smart jacket etc in place during winter months.
    I’ve stuck to the same few tops, trousers from new look and then a few blazers to still look professional.
    Summer might be more of a challenge...linen trousers might be a solution. H and M would have some in I think.
    I refused to waste money on specialist maternity wear with the exception of maternity trousers (and jeans at the weekend). A few plus size tops in the M and S sale were also handy.
    Lots of dark colours and the odd coloured cardigan, scarf and jackets has made it simpler.
  3. SammyBear2016

    SammyBear2016 Occasional commenter

    Unfortunately i doubt any company would have a maternity dress code and would expect pregnant women to still abide by the normal dress code which in most cases is possible. As you are only just pregnant i would not worry too much about clothes yet. Everyone is different with regards to how big their bump gets and the clothes they find comfortable, for example i'm not a fan of the trs/skirts that just have a thick elastic waist but prefer the ones that have the large front panels but i know people that were the opposite and only wore the former throughout their entire pregnancy. If you find that you are in maternity clothes early (whilst it is still cold) i would be inclined to wear a dress with leggings and then boots, no-one really notices and that is what i have been doing all winter even though our dress code stipulates no leggings, no-one has said anything. Once it gets warmer i would just wear a dress without tights or leggings.

    There are lots of shops that now do maternity wear although for most you have to order it into store but you have some time to research further and see what may work for you. Maternity clothes are expensive and you will only need them for a short period of time so i wouldn't worry about buying loads, you'll be surprised what you can cope with. I also went to primark and purchased some larger sized basic vest, t-shirts etc. With the fashion at the moment being clothes that are oversized you may find that you can get away with just purchasing those and they would simply be more fitted.
  4. charlene09

    charlene09 New commenter

    I ended up having to wear trainers when I was pregnant due to spd. Schools are a bit more relaxed
  5. Piscean1

    Piscean1 Senior commenter

    I just wore leggings anyway. You can get maternity tights though which are pretty comfortable.
  6. thecagedbird

    thecagedbird New commenter

    Everyone feels differently about maternity wear and I think it depends on your original size and the shape of your bump. I found next maternity clothes to be good and I think they go up to a size 22. I bought basic items like black trousers and enough tops for a week at work from maternity collections. Then used cardigans in a bigger size.
  7. Piscean1

    Piscean1 Senior commenter

    If you're planning to breastfeed after, try to find maternity clothes which are also nursing clothes. That was my most expensive mistake! None of my maternity wear is breastfeeding friendly and, although you can feed in normal clothes, I found it nice to have some specific nursing clothes as they're much easier to be discreet in during the early days.
  8. international_muso

    international_muso New commenter

    In my last few weeks I wore leggings with smart long tops. Matalan do a range of quality leggings with checked patterns, they are thick and therefore not see-through like most leggings are.

    I did get pulled into the headteachers office as another member of staff grassed me up (how helpful). I explained to the head that my bump, thighs and lower back were now growing so quickly that I couldn't keep up wearing my regular maternity clothes. She looked me up and down and said: "I suppose they don't look THAT bad..." Seeing as it was only for a few more weeks she made an exception.
  9. HistoryEducator

    HistoryEducator Occasional commenter

    Have you thought of a dressmaker there are some good ones around who could help you?
  10. HistoryEducator

    HistoryEducator Occasional commenter

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