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Maternity cover

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by blt, May 28, 2012.

  1. blt

    blt New commenter

    I wonder if someone could give me some advice. My school are appointing my maternity cover tomorrow. Basically 5 people applied - none of whom have any experience of teaching either my subject or the key stage! They are also appointing without interviewing - just reviewing the application forms.

    To say I am brassed off is an understatement. They have 'suggested' that the cover starts in September and shadows me for 10 weeks until I leave in November. At first I thought this was quite a good idea, but now I found out it is someone who has no experience whatsoever and they can't even been arced interviewing, I want them to shove it basically. Having someone following me around for 10 weeks who basically needs everything explaining is something which, to be blunt, I do not need at the best of time.

    Am I being mean? I feel like they don't value my post at all if they can even interview!!!ARGH!!!
  2. blt

    blt New commenter

  3. eac902

    eac902 New commenter

    You've every right to be miffed blt. Sadly I don't think thus lack of preparation is unncommon. In my old work, my hod went on maternity in the summer term and her replacement wasn't properly advertised for it was a mix of internal cover and a small ad in the local paper! One one person applied who'd never stood in front of s classroom before. They only told her who'd be covering her management duties the week before- cue frantic stressful hadover after months of uncertainty. She was so stressed and frustrated about it, it was so unfair. It's not like the smt couldn't see the absence coming like 6 months ago!! Anyway what i'm trying to say is its not a personal reflection on you at all, just poor decision-making by someone else. Hopefully when you are in ml with your lovely new baby all this stuff will seem like a distant memory. Take care xxx
  4. cpenguin

    cpenguin New commenter

    Agree with you that this is terrible, but you're definitely not alone. I started my mat leave last week, and the person covering my mat leave wasn't interviewed, didn't even come into school for a visit or handover of any kind, didn't meet me or my classes and was just expected to start this week. A total lack of planning from mgmt (it's not as if they didn't know I was going on mat leave!), and left me and pretty much everything I've done for the school over the past few years seeming worthless. Don't have any advice I'm afraid, just letting you know that you're not alone!
  5. lars

    lars New commenter

    I shouldn't take comfort from this, but I do!! When my HoD went on mat leave a couple of years ago they didn't advertised - just increased my 0.6 to a 0.8 and drafted someone else in to do an extra couple of days a week. We were just expected to muddle through... And I'm going on mat leave in Sept but the Head has already told me they won't recruit cover. Nice to be appreciated eh??
  6. Have mixed experiences of maternity cover in primary; first time around I was covered by a supply teacher who had longstanding links with the school, she was really interested in knowing exactly where the children were, about their social relationships, what topics she would be teaching, etc. I felt happy that I was leaving my class in safe hands. Second time around my cover was a teacher who had just completed her nqt year in my school in a different key stage and it could not have been more different; we were given a day together for me to handover the class to her but she wasn't interested in finding out where the children were at, ability groups, topics to be taught, routines, etc. She said she wanted to make the most of the day and proceeded to rip my birthday rockets display down (which I had just put up!) and put it in the bin and rearrange the classroom furniture when I questioned this she said the head had given her free rein to do what she wanted so I spent the rest of the day feeling **** and clearing my own things out of the cupboard as didn't trust they would still be there at the end of my maternity leave when I saw what she was binning in front of my eyes! When I returned after maternity an amazing amount of school resources and equipment were no longer there! Thought that was bad but this time school has not yet appointed anyone to cover me; I will be leaving at the end of September and have been told I will have a class for those few weeks but do not yet know which year group.

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