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Maternity Cover Substitute teacher - days off???

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by mccrystal190, Dec 21, 2019.

  1. mccrystal190

    mccrystal190 New commenter

    I am asking for advice regarding substitute days off. I currently am a newly qualified teacher as of July 2019. I am undertaking my first teaching post which is a maternity cover (Mid September 2019 to Mid June 2020).I haven't signed any contract etc. it was more so a verbal agreement to cover the maternity leave and I am being paid on a day to day basis (sub rate).

    My query relating to this is my family have booked a holiday during St. Patrick's Day 2020. The school is closed on the Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th and are due to return on Wednesday 18th. My flight is not due to arrive until Wednesday night/ Thursday morning. I am wondering if I will be allowed/ am I entitled 1 day off (Wednesday) as I am technically a 'sub' and any advice as to how I should go about this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance!!!
  2. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    Although you do not have a formal contract, you may wish to consider what would be "reasonable" f you were in the cover manager's shoes and how to keep a good relationship with the school since you will need them for a reference after your assignment ends.

    Perhaps ask them politely that in the circumstances could you have the day off unpaid since you are being paid on a daily rate. Suggest that you will leave cover in place.

    What you want to do is get your day off but "do not disturb the crocodile until you have crossed the river".

    What their response would be I do not know since I do not know the people you will be dealing with. They may "sure!" or may say "no".

    In my own view, if they say no, I would accept it since I wouldn't want to risk upsetting them for a reference even though you could debate the ins and outs of what you are contractually entitled to although you do not have a formal contract.

    Perhaps have a look through the school's staff handbook to see what guidance there is in there.

    If you have done a good job so far and have been reliable up to this point, you only have a few weeks until your assignment ends when your trip takes place and they may well say yes.
  3. abwdSTEM

    abwdSTEM New commenter

    As a Supply Teacher you can take what ever days off you want whenever you want them.

    But be sensible about this. Only take days off when you really them and give your cover manager (and HoD) as much notice as possible. Also plan and leave some suitable cover work in your absence, leave copies of this with both your cover manager and HoD.

    I never had any problems in taking an occasional day off in almost 20 years of supply so I think it would be very unusual if you do.
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  4. elvispenhaligon

    elvispenhaligon Occasional commenter

    Do what contracted teachers do. Pull a sicky.
  5. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I did a long-term sickness cover. I was daily paid on the official payscale. I told the assistant head that managed supply that periodically I would need Tuesdays off to take a relative for chemo. They either covered me internally or got in another supply teacher. I left work for the 4classes involved and was unpaid for the day.

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