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Maternity clothing help please!!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Complicated_Bear, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Hi, just looking for some advice really. I'm trying to find an outfit suitable for a wedding in 2 weeks, when I will be 17+3 weeks. I have no idea whether I will be in maternity clothes by then or not (this is my first). Initially I was looking for a non-maternity dress, fitted under the bust with loose fabric underneath so it won't matter how big I am or not...but I cannot find anything suitable for a wedding in that sort of design (the waistline seems to have come back down lower on everything?).
    Now I am looking at maternity dresses (online as not so much choice in the shops) and have found some nice ones but I have concerns. Am I likely to have more of a bump by 17 weeks (I know this differs for individual people, but not at all sure what to expect by then)? I don't want to look ridiculous in maternity wear if it's going to look massive on me (although I am overweight and carry most of my weight on my stomach anyway so maybe it won't make any difference).
    Also, I've seen some I like that are strapless/one shoulder...but I've never seen maternity strapless bras..do they exist? Or does maternity wear in these styles come with hidden support? Thinking about this, it has also now occurred to me that I'm being a bridesmaid when I'll be 6 months pregnant, and that dress is being one shoulder design...hadn't thought about that being a possible issue...
    Sorry, this feels like such a silly thing to ask, but I am pulling my hair out trying to find something. I have nothing suitable to wear even if I wasn't potentially going to have a bump, so can't even hope to still fit a particular outfit by then. Thanks in advance!
  2. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    When I was pregnant with my 1st I didn't have much of a bump at 17 weeks and the only thing that didn't fit me then was my jeans. If you got a normal dress it would probably be fine, but get empire line and slightly floaty.
    I went to a wedding at 34 weeks pregnant and could still fit into a Jigsaw floaty sundress I had, although I did chose to wear a Mamas & Papas sundress in the end.
    It might be worthwhile getting a maternity dress though if you'll wear it again.
    As for bras...I wore my normal ones in my 1st pregnancy as my boobs didn't really get any bigger. I didn't need to wear a strapless bra on any occasion, but if I had the one I already owned would've fitted. In my 2nd pregnancy I did go up a size though.
    If you do go for a maternity dress, JoJoMamanBébé and Mamas & Papas usually have nice ones.
  3. Hi CB, I had a few weddings too, and I got a non-maternity dress from next to wear - it was nice stretchy jersey material, and just under the boobs, but it does mean it'll fit me afterwards as well. By 17 weeks I had a bump that was noticeable, but still fit into most of my clothes. I found New Look had some nice jersey type dresses too in their maternity range that would grow with you! (And not very expensive!)
  4. Hey CB - hope you are ok?
    I did have a bit of bump by 17 weeks so would have been more comfy in a maternity dress - At that point I was in maternity tops and my work skirts didn't fit but normal but big or stretchy trousers with a belly band to cover if I needed to undo the button(!) - if that gives you an idea. [​IMG]
    Bras! Well I had to get a new size by 8 weeks! My boobs were big to begin with and are huge now! (I'm close to fashioning something out of two buckets and a bit of string!) But I bought regular bras I just needed different sizes. I'm still in normal wired bras as the midwife says thats fine as long as I keep checking they are not getting too tight - so could you just get a new bra that fits under the dress? And I have started sleeping in soft bras now too [​IMG] (and my Mum has advised to keep all bras and bag them up in sizes in the bottom of the wardrobe for deflation at a later date! - I can nearly restock Bravissimo!)
    Hope that helps - Have a fab couple of dos!
    Jelly x
  5. Hi CB, I'm 16+3. I've got a noticeable but now that seems to have appeared in the last few days from nowhere! I'm struggling to fit into any of my trousers but found non maternity dresses that have an elastic band type design under the boobs fit quite well. I have a couple from dorothy perkins. I did notice that new look have a few maternity dresses (in a similar style) online that I would have thought will look fine now and when bump gets bigger as ns said they're not too expensive either! x
  6. Thank you everyone for your advice.
    This was my original plan, I just can't seem to find anything suitable for a wedding that fits that description and isn't strapless which is really frustrating.
    Interesting comments about the bras. I haven't grown at all, and have only been in maternity bras since after my 12 week scan, as I didn't want to risk buying them unecessarily/jinx things going wrong again before the scan if I hadn't grown. I am in a larger chest size, but I hadn't been measured in a while so that probably isn't a pg thing. I was given very different advice about wired bras though. I was told that I should have stopped wearing them asap as they can cause mastitis...My strapless bras are too small regardless, so I'd have to buy new ones of those even if I go for normal ones...but perhaps it would be worth me considering a strapless dress in maternity or non-maternity variety.
    Flutter, I love that you have a 'noticeable but' [​IMG].
    I think half my problem is that I don't really know what sort of thing to wear to a wedding anyway as it's a very long time since I've been to one other than my own, so I would be struggling anyway, and this is just an extra challenge. It's my husband's best friend getting married, and apart from the bride I'm only going to know one other female there, and at our wedding she looked quite glam. I wasn't sure if jersey was too casual, but perhaps not given what you've said ns.
    I guess I'm just over worrying about this, panicking I don't have long to sort something, and feeling very hormonal right now so keep getting upset (irrationally) when I don't find anything! Just worried I'm going to feel even frumpier than usual, especially as I already feel like I might have grown but not quite sure (I've been wearing elasticated waistbands) as it's hard to tell when I was big on front to beginw ith, and just feel like I'm bloaty and flabby, rather than having a 'bump'.
    Thanks again!
    P.S. Hi Jelly, I'm ok thanks, sorry haven't hadf time to go post on winter thread but off there next!
  7. Usually I think I would agree with you, but there seem to be lots of dresses out there at the moment in jersey material, that actually are really lovely - mine is floor length with a lace back - it was in the next sale, and got lots of compliments at both weddings I wore it to. And actually new look had a very similar dress last time I went in - , which was lovely too! have a look at this one! http://www.newlook.com/shop/maternity/shop-department/maternity-black-and-white-crochet-maxi-dress_254672401
  8. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEXT-JADE-GREEN-CROCHET-DETAIL-DRESS-UK-16-/160874451692#ht_500wt_923 this is my dress! It looked fab with wedges and gold flipflops! (2nd time I wore it at 33 weeks!)
  9. Thanks ns. Now things brings me to my next issue...is it acceptable to wear black to a wedding? My mum keeps telling me (over and over again) that it's not thedone thing, but is that an 'older' ideathat has changed with the times? I find it much easier to buy black but have been concerned about this also. Your dress is nice in the green.
  10. I was wondering the same thing actually - I think as long as you look smart (which the dress would) then it would be ok, as looking dressy it I suppose more important than the colour?. Also you could accessorise the dress with another colour - perhaps you've got some shoes and a bag, a wrap and something for the hair in maybe green/pink which would lessen the black slightly (if you were worried)?
  11. Haha...thats what happens when you don't check what you've typed...was meant to be bump!
  12. Hehe, I'm just asbad (worse actually), as I'm sure you've noticedalready. I type fast but then make silly typos, which I often don't notice.
    Good idea about the accessories ns. Must get on with trying to order some stuff to try tonight if I can stay awake long enough (when does this burst of energy that everyone keeps telling me I'll get in the 2nd trimester actually happen?!!)

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