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Maternity and TLR

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by kittykatdog, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Hi was wondering if anyone can help. I am currently on Maternity leave and have decided to take a year off therefore not returning until Jan 2012. I have recieved a letter from HT stating they are creating a new position of EY/KS1 co-ordinator that would take over from my existing role as FSmanager as school cannot sustain both positions each with a TLR. I currently recieve a TLR for my position. This new post would be effective from sept 2011 and all staff are given opportunity to apply for the post.
    I was wondering if school could basically take my TLR from me whilst i'm on maternity by changing my role to a new one. Plus if i did want to apply would i be expected to attend interviews whilst on maternity? Whilst pregnant i was told not to attend SLT meetings as they were at lunch times - HT said it was so i could get a proper lunch but I felt I was not wanted. I basically feel that he has someone else in mind for the position. Can anyone advise me what to do next please? This is one stress i didn't need whilst on maternity. Thank you

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