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Matchware mediator

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by Eruditus, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. Are there any good support forums/tutorials for the mediator 9 software?
    Im looking to make rollover flyout menus with options that highlight as you move the mouse over them.
    I am thinking this should probably be a pretty easy thing to do, but so far I can only achive this through heavy handed scripting (rather more than I want for my KS4 when the main aim was simply something different to powerpoint).
    Any suggestions are welcome.
  2. qwerty123qwerty

    qwerty123qwerty New commenter

    Look at the mediator help within the software. There are some very detailed tutorials.
  3. There are indeed, its just not quite what Im looking for.
    I've figured out most of it now, just working on applying usermade templates then that will be everything covered.
    I just wish it did not crash so often, this is going to cause a lot of teen angst.
  4. qwerty123qwerty

    qwerty123qwerty New commenter

    We had major problems last year with the software loosing the kids images, sounds, animations etc after they had been put into the sofwtare. Worked fine for weeks and then when they opened it one day they had simply gone. The kids had been saving everything in the same folder and had been told not to move them to anywhere else. So they then had tow aste a lesson putting everything back in! Best advice I could give is as soon as they have made the product export it so that they dont loose any work.
  5. Will do, I've given up making the videos for this software.
    I'll put togeather a couple of worksheets instead, which is a shame since the video walkthroughs often work better.
  6. try

  7. I have a site on my 'favourites' list on the laptop at school - I'll look tomorrow. Rather than 'fly outs' why not use show/hide so that the sub-menu appears when the main menu is pointed at? The transitions available on 'Show' would allow you to make it look as if the sub-menu was sliding out from the main.
    Agree with previous posters on the curse of the Mediator crash but it's ease of use and flexibility make it a favourite at my place. used from Year 8 up to Year13!

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