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Matching Target tracker to Abacus lessons

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by technikly, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. technikly

    technikly New commenter

    Hi I'm an NQT and I'm "planning" maths by mostly reusing abacus lessons.

    One part of this is the matching of KPIs to Abacus lessons, has anyone does this before and has a complete list?

    Edit: Also, does anyone know where the
    "Assessment Focus questions" and "watch out for children" sections are?

    They may have been renamed but originally contained info such as:

    Can children

    Use ordinal numbers to describe position? KEY QUESTIONS FROM ABACUS

    Count using ordinal numbers?

    Make 2-digit numbers using tens and units?

    Partition 2-digit numbers into tens and units?

    Add or subtract tens or ones to/from a 2-digit number without counting on or back?

    Watch out for children who:

    · Put –th at the end of every ordinal number and do not recognise the –st –nd –rd pattern

    · Cannot order 2-digit numbers

    · Cannot yet see the relationship between 40+5=45 and 45-40=5 and 45-5=40

    Who record 45 = 4 + 5 showing they do not yet understand place value

    Thank you!
  2. brighton56

    brighton56 Occasional commenter

    WhiteRose has published a document that matches up all of the NC objectives to Abacus. WhiteRose is free if you have not heard of it before - have a google. Seeing as the NC objectives and Target Tracker objectives are so similar it should help you out.

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