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Mat leave while on long term supply...any experience?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by dancin, May 3, 2017.

  1. dancin

    dancin New commenter

    So after losing a baby 2yrs ago and quitting my perm job I am now doing long term supply and am 17 weeks pregnant. I have looked into it and I am entitled to SMP mat leave as I have worked for same agency and school long enough before falling pregnant. I have just received in writing confirmation that my 'contract' (I don't have one) is extended till end Sept with this school. My baby is due in Oct. I haven't encountered anything negativity so far at this school/with this agency but based on me being an ex union rep (so I know what schools are capable of) and having had bad experiences with schools in the past I am trying to safeguard against suddenly being dropped by the agency and no mat leave being paid. Am I just being paranoid? At the moment my pregnancy is a secret and due to my subject I can hide it under baggy clothes. The school is excellent behaviour wise so I don feel a risk assessment is necessary.

    Few questions....

    I know I only have to give 8 weeks notice...should I do so end of term in July? I reckon I can hide bump a bit longer and at the end of the day even if school management notice there's no reason for them to tell agency. Is there?

    What should I do if my agency tries and pulls a fast one to avoid paying me mat leave? Currently I have it in writing from school that they want me longer so there's little chance the agency can say the school no longer needs me. The school are happy with me and don't want to lose me so know I have them on side.

    Also do I tell the umbrella company I'm paid by (Big Number) or the agency or both?

    I'm so scared to tell them! I'm planning to work a few weeks in Sept and go off 3 weeks before baby is due.

    Anyone's experience and suggestions would be great. This pregnancy is already an anxious one based on prior experiences so don't want anymore stress.
  2. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    Its unusual to find an agency that pays maternity/sick leave, Check your contract with them but don't be surprised if you find that you are only paid for days worked.

    Again check the conditions of your contract with your umbrella company about maternity/sick pay but as before I don't think they will be that interested.

    Don't worry too much or be concerned what either your agency or umbrella company will think, avoiding any stress is more important,

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