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Masters study advice

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by hann9h, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. hann9h

    hann9h New commenter

    Hello- I'm searching for a masters in education with a specialism in curriculum development/innovation. I'd like to study via distance learning/summer schools alongside working. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance :)
  2. dunnocks

    dunnocks Star commenter

    firstly, ask your self why you want to do this, and how much you can spend. if it is for career reasons, it won't make much difference in the uk. if it is for fun and interest, fair enough.

    I've had good experiences with the OU in masters studies in other subjects outside of education.
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  3. carriecat10

    carriecat10 Established commenter Community helper

    I agree with @dunnocks that it won't make any difference to your career. However, it was a requirement of my role and has enhanced my practice considerably and reignited a love of learning and research. I did mine completely online through Edge Hill University (not my choice but a great course). My recommendation would be to have at least some face to face support as this is the aspect I found most challenging.
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  4. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    It may make a difference to your career. The masters I am doing at the moment is almost a prerequisite for the next role I'd like to have. And it certainly shows commitment to professional development.

    Can't help with the specific topic you are looking for, mine is completely different.

    What I would say is, make sure you really want to do it. Reading and researching during term time is time consuming and writing essays to a decent enough standard is very hard work!
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  5. dunnocks

    dunnocks Star commenter

    it may make a difference, possibly, having a masters has never made a difference to me at all, and my current and previous departments have included individuals with masters, and PhDs, and it hasn't affected their teaching careers at at all. maybe if you are not working as a class room teacher any more, I don't know

    I'm hoping it will make a difference when I leave education though, when my children have left school
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  6. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    That could well be the difference between our experiences.
    I am assuming the OP, like me, is still working as a teacher though.
  7. hann9h

    hann9h New commenter

    Thanks for all your comments. Lots of ideas and food for thought! I work in public health education, so not a full time school role but have been advised to go for completing my masters topping up from the credits I have from the PGCE. I really enjoying the researching and writing, so that's not an issue, more keen to find a good programme via distance learning. Thanks again for all your help!
  8. skeptucator

    skeptucator Occasional commenter

    I know it doesn't answer your original question, but something to be aware of...

    I am near completion of an MEd in a similar field. I also used my credits from PGCE so had two years of part time study to complete.

    Anyhow - a bit of a shock from the university finance department recently, that I apparently have to pay them for 3 years even though I am only studying there for two! I have to PAY for all of the credits (even the ones I've already paid for as part of my PGCE) as they charge you per qualification and not per module.

    I know that some universities partner with others that allow credits to be transferred free of charge. If you can't complete your masters programme with the institution you completed your PGCE through (as I couldn't) then it might be worth looking into which distance learning institutions will allow you to do this without adding an extra £2,800 to your bill.

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