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Master's project - Educational charities/NGOs

Discussion in 'Personal' started by charlottemanchesteruni, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. charlottemanchesteruni

    charlottemanchesteruni New commenter

    I am a student at Manchester Metropolitan University in Manchester, England and am studying an MA in Education studies. The overall aim for my final dissertation will be to gain a better understanding of how education is introduced back into a community after a significant change, such as conflict or crisis. I am hoping to seek a career within a charity or organisation that provides education back into a community after conflict or crisis). In order to reach this career, my Masters’ dissertation will investigate how organisations such as UNICEF, UNESCO and Save the Children UK do this, by contacting the organisations as well as from participants who received aid from organisations, by bringing education back into their community, and their experiences of this.

    I have created this forum as a method for research collection to understand how organisations provide and implement education after conflict or crisis for my Master’s dissertation. Specifically, this forum is for those who have experiences with organisations, NGO’s or charities which have put education back into your community after conflict or crisis.

    Before responding, commenting or posting, please consider your username; if it identifies you easily please consider changing it to protect your confidentiality. Any identifiable usernames used in my research will be changed in order to protect your anonymity. Any responses, comments and posts from users can be edited or deleted by the participant at any stage. One week before I will use the responses for my research, I will post a reminder asking all forum users to review their responses, comments or posts and ask if they wish to edit or delete them before I use them as data. Forum users will be kept confidential within my dissertation by anonymising usernames. I also ask that participants only enter the forum if you are over 18. I will be completing this research on September 9th 2019, and all responses and data from you will be deleted after the university has marked my research in November 2019.

    If you are willing, please could you answer or discuss your experiences to any of the following questions. By answering these questions, you provide consent for me to use your responses/comments/posts as a means of data for my dissertation. As stated before, one week before I close the forum, I will post a reminder asking you to review your comments in order for you to have time to edit or delete anything that you no longer consent to being used as data. Any responses/comments/posts left after the week reminder will be used as data, and by leaving the responses, you consent to them being used as data for my dissertation research.

    1. Please could you describe how the organisation/NGO/charity issued aid in terms of education for your community/city/country?

    2. Please could you discuss how or if you feel the organisation considered your community’s needs in terms of re-establishing education?

    3. Please could you describe how the implemented education fit the needs of your community?

    4. Please could you describe how positive or negative your experience of the organisation was?

    5. Please could you describe any follow up actions from organisation?

    Thank you for your responses and if you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on my student email: 11006473@stu.mmu.ac.uk.

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