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Masters in Teaching Secondary Drama

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Pirandello, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. Pirandello

    Pirandello New commenter

    Hi Daisy,
    Yes I was wondering about this as it just doesn't seem right, when a PGCE teacher comes to Australia they are considered a qualified teacher and thats it!
    With a Masters in Teaching I will be a Qualified Teacher initially having a provisional status ( QTS I can assume ) then I apply to VIT ( Victoria Institute of Teaching licence) to get my full licence ( NQT I assume ) which then means I can apply for full time teaching jobs here in Australia on full time teaching salary etc... which should then be considered in the UK 'I Feel ' as fully qualified status.
    This Masters in Teaching is a very new and forward thinking teacher training course incorprating the PGDE/or PGCE if you want to call it that after 10 months then Masters after a further 6-12 months study/ and or work, and so I do feel that UK schools may need to look at this and approach governing bodies on verification etc...as I would be slighty gutted if I had to do a whole year of NQT in the UK once I am back when I have already done a 2 year teaching course ( crammed into 1.5 years ) to gain my teaching status, plus I would have a specialism researched area as it is a Masters, so higher than a PGCE.
    As far as intending to stay - I was born in the UK and so UK is my home, I would want to come back to the UK and teach and live permenantly, after years ( 3 years ) of trying to get on a PGCE course I couldn't wait any longer and so came abroad.
    hmmmmm.....I have contacted the Dept of Education about this in the UK but they have not responded, I do think the UK gov need to prepare for overseas trained people as competion and now fewer places being offered on the PGCE courses is happening across the UK as I have read in the news, and accept the overseas qualification, yes of course still have a police check process and certification process, but for a qualified teacher to be called unqualified and be paid on the unqualified scale is not good, Australia, NZ, Canada etc have just as good teacher training programmes as UK, NZ and Aussie it seems accept it this way round, like I said if you have a PGCE you are qualified to teach down under, it is a shame it is not reciprocal.
    I feel a discussion does need to happen regarding this...


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