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Masters in Educational Practice for NQT's in Wales

Discussion in 'Cymru - education news' started by tomr0b, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Some details of a Masters in Educational Practice available for NQT's in Wales and funded by the assembly came out in February. Wondering if anyone had any further information on it?

  2. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    No information but seems similar to what Gove wanted in England and attaching a Mssters to those who complete the PGCE.

    "Although the masters is not yet mandatory, a cap on numbers or an increase in the qualifications required of new entrants are among measures being mooted to raise standards and narrow competition for places."

    Seriously flawed. A masters is in no way a sign of raising standards since we have a fundamental problem in the devaluation of qualifications. Worthless if we start attaching masters to everything, in a few years, everyone will have a masters, and then we are back to the situation we have now with degrees.

    And passing it is no sign either of standards since look at some who pass the PGCE. It all boils down to money.

    It seems the sole purpose of this masters is to decline the number of applicants for jobs and the number training to be teachers. A simpler way would be to toughen up current ITT courses which are appallingly lax these days. They are seen as almost failure free.
  3. Before the announcement of the MEP I would not have been interested in doing a masters, but this does seem to run alongside the NQT and promised to be more practice based rather than the traditional research and critical writing focus of most masters programmes. This is really why I am keen to get more information on the subject, if as a qualification it is designed to improve you as a teacher it would be beneficial. Additionally, if every NQT in the coming years will come with masters I wouldn't want to be in the minority without one when competing for jobs!

    Have to disagree with you with regards to the PGCE, in our current programme there has been a drop-out rate of 10%, if you read the other forums as well you will see lot's of people contemplating leaving as a result of not being able to cope. It's the most challenging thing iv'e done.

    The flaw in Gove's policy, is whilst he want's to take a Masters approach a la Finland, raise the bar, make it harder to become a teacher etc, he also wants to lower pay with regional pay scales! The reason that teaching is such a desirable and highly regarded profession in Scandinavia, comparable with being a Solicitor or Doctor is because the pay is also as competitive.
  4. is there anywhere that gives more information on the content of the masters??
    Its all very well signing up for it but there isn't any info on what it actually it actually requires from the NQT. is it essay based? how much extra time does it require? I dont want it to impact my NQT year because it requires a lot extra!! but there doesnt seem to be any info about the course itself only the funding for it?!
    I say more info before decisions are made!

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