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Mary Queen of Scots

Discussion in 'History' started by histweb, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. If you need some more help - I have put some misc stuff on TES resource bank.
    Happy New Year
  2. if you google barbara barr teacher resources there is a pretty cool interactive activity on the execution that I have found.
  3. that is cool.

    I love this topic!

    I think the actress who plays her in 'Elixabeth the Golden Age' is brilliant!

    Are there any good films / documentaries solely on Mary Queen of Scots? - a google search has not come up with much.
  4. On youtube there is a 6 part video documentary called 'elizabeth I and mary queen of scots' - that is about the best thing I have found yet, but there is a dearth out there on Mary in particular

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