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Mary Poppins License

Discussion in 'Music' started by florian gassmann, May 18, 2012.

  1. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    Welcome to TES, Tim.
    Mary Poppins is licensed by Weinberger, but unfortunately it is only available for professional performance at present:
    I think you may struggle finding a West-End Musical suitable for Year 5/6, as even when a licence is available, there are usually clauses about having to use the original band parts, not making any cuts or changes, and so on.
    I'd recommend using something written specially for schools, where you are unlikely to face such stringent requirements. I've always liked the Debbie Campbell musicals and the Out of the Ark ones, plus the old favourites such as Captain Noah, Daniel Jazz and so on.
  2. Does this apply to singing the songs for performance? End of year concert, one song - is this legally allowed?

  3. The difference here is that a complete show is governed by "grand rights" which do not fall under the usual PRS agreements. This is why the conditions are different and a specific licence is required. Single songs are not treated in this way as long as they are not staged and costumed.
  4. netmum

    netmum New commenter

    Can confirm the rights to Mary Poppind are not available

    After the film was released PJ Travers Would not let Disney produce a stage version and it was only after lots of negotiating with Cameron Macintosh that the current musical with some new songs was allowed.
  5. You could do a selection from different musicals? The reason many groups do it is becuase the liciencing is mujch easier, partilulary if your school already has a lcicience for performing. We paid i thinka bout £10.40 to do big mix of songs from all different shows. Its is cheap but you cannot dance the same os same costumes. For example for Grease you couldn;t were T bird tops or replicate the dance but you could wear coloured T shirts and have choir move at same time.
    Best advice I got was from the rights p[eople themselves. the suggested I watch Glee as they use free pop songs adn althought ehy do energetic, movement based performacens they fall perfectly in the law. has to be up to 10% (? been a while - is that still correct?) of show. So you could do about 1.8... songs from Mary poppins?
    Oooorr.... one thing we did, on advice of the rights people, was only perform in front of our own students and staff and cast's parents came to help with supervision... It was fully agreeed by all aprties this was for educational experience so we didn;t apy at all. Though this again was for a 'best of' show rather than a whole thing.
    Its the tickets that are ****.... the more you charge the more they take - impossible to pull enough to break even.
  6. There is no such thing as a "free" pop song. All popular music is protected by performing rights which are owned by some agency or other. Most of the time they are covered underyour general license.
  7. That's great, thanks for clarifying it for me :)

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