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Marking Year 4 literacy

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sfm_81, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Does your school have a marking or feedback policy?

    In ours it says that instead of writing "well done, you know how to use adjectives", we just highlight the WALT if the WALT is to use adjectives.
  2. Do check the school marking policy. There may be something that addresses the detail you are expected to mark work in. If you are marking to the objective and the child's targets, keep it simple: objective met; target achieved; working towards target etc. Highlight other issues such as spelling errors if necessary, but perhaps not every one. When the need arises mark a piece of work in more detail, or choose a group a day to mark in greater detail. I also use 3 stars and a wish for longer writing sessions. I have Y5/6 and find this helps make marking the very long pieces of literacy work they can produce much more manageable.
  3. I also teach Y5. At the start of the week, I try to get them to self/peer mark their work, based on the agreed success criteria, then I look at it after the lesson and add comments if needed.
    Towards the middle/end of week, they usually work on the same piece of extended writing, creating first drafts and improving, then creating final drafts, so they very often get verbal feedback. When I mark their first drafts, I correct spellings, but only one per line. I then just look for the success criteria, and add bits of punctuation where needed, depending on the child's ability. This means that I do not then need to mark their final drafts.
  4. <font size="2">At the beginning of a piece of writing, set success criteria - and then mark to that. If they haven't achieved that then make them apply it to a section of their writing, and if they have, give them an extension. We highlight in the writing where they have achieved it, and mark it off if we see it consistently used throughout the text, (we have symbols to represent the SC, so the children draw these at the top of their page). I would check with your school's marking policy first though or ask the Lit Co for some advice.</font>

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