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Marking..tickeld pink and green for growth?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by daffodilval, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. Does anyone use this method of marking and if so, what are your thoughts on it? (highlighting work with pink and green highlighters)
  2. sorry, meant to say TICKLED PINK AND GREEN FOR GROWTH
  3. Ophelia 9

    Ophelia 9 New commenter

    No, never heard of this one, daffodilval, but it sounds like fun! do the children realise what 'tickled pink' means - I assume it indicates that something that has really pleased you - I find very few children these days understand phrases like this?
  4. Ophelia 9

    Ophelia 9 New commenter

    Sorry about the extraneous 'that' in the above post!
  5. We highlight something that we are pleased with in pink and something that needs working on, in green, not in loads of places just maybe the one or two spelling errors that we know that the pupil should know. And maybe the same with a couple of areas that has pleased, eg; a capital letter used correctly or inverted commas.
    Its fairly knew, but the children are getting used to it and seem to approve of it. I just wondered if others use this system.
  6. I've seen this used in two schools, the first school was a bit of a '9-minute wonder', ordered in enough highlighters for every child to have their own and then used them once. 2nd school uses the process sparingly but the children appear to enjoy it. In both schools it was the children or their peers that marked the work not the adults.
  7. Interesting. We use the highlighters and children use the 'Peer marked by', stamps. We also mark with the 2 stars and a wish'...
    Funny how these new ideas are bought in to make marking easier for us..yet it seems to take 3 times as long..
    Oh I forgot to add, we also use the 'independent work', 'marked by a TA' and 'discussed with pupil' stamps, Need I say more?
  8. Ophelia 9

    Ophelia 9 New commenter

    We've had this system brought in - no stamps supplied to TAs though, only teachers, and we are supposed to initial anything we've marked so it's obvious it isn't marked by a teacher - there was even discussion about TAs marking in a different colour!
    I have solved how to deal with all my objections to this though - I've stopped marking when working as a class TA and completely ignore the system when working independently!
    I expect someone will make a fuss eventually.
  9. I like it, Ophelia, must try that one myself..[​IMG]
  10. At my school we do pink for blossoming and green for growth. The children underline or shade in their own work with crayons (pink and green) and sometimes their learning partners work. They understand that pink is for work that is done correctly and green means they still have to improve their work. We have made a pink flower picture with a green stem and leaves and it says blossoming near the flower and growth by the leaves and stem.
    Our children have different learning partners every week and they sit together in all subjects and work together on tasks for a week sharing ideas and knowledge. This works very well in our school.
    Hope this helps - good luck!
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  11. Sadly the fact no one has picked up on it yet shows it's not being monitored to see if it's working which is sadly the case frequently when new "schemes" are introduced .The scheme is then scrapped to be replaced with another which goes the same route and no gain is made .It can be very disheartening which is probably why the system in this case is being ignored .
  12. We use 'traffic lights' - pink, yellow and green. Just a mark with a highlighter at the end of the piece of work. Pink means something along the lines of 'you haven't understood this', yellow for 'you have mostly understood but with a few errors' and green for 'well done you have understood this'. These are often accompanied by smiley faces. This scheme is displayed in the classrooms and the children are well aware of what it means and can use it to assess their own work - from the point of view of recognising how they have done with the piece of work. This scheme is used in all daily marking and is a good way for teachers to keep track of how the children are doing and in instances when a different teacher comes in to cover a lesson. In addition to this we also use pink and green highlighters in a lesson when we are checking what the children are doing. If, for example, they have used good adjectives in their writing the word will be highlighted in green and if they have missed a capital letter this will be highlighted in pink. Needless to say when the children see the pink highlighters being taken out of the box they concentrate a little harder and check through their work before we read it. We find it very effective.

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