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Marking Speaking Tests - when? No time!!

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by mariposa, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. Hello, we're finding it increasingly difficult to find time to mark all the speaking tests with enough time to allow a 2 week window for re-sits. What do you all do? We're doing Edexcel and currently we test the students, mark the tests and then have resits within 2 weeks and then mark again. We've been given some time off timetable but with an increase in numbers mext year due to the Eng Bacc we're not sure that this system will work. Well it won't. So what are the possible solutions? How is your school managing this? Do you let the kids re-sit? Any thoughts woud be gratefully received.
  2. mfldude

    mfldude New commenter

    You need to mark them at the time. If you're given time offf timetable (which you should be as it's an exam after all!), allocate two members of staff per pupil - their normal teacher who will conduct the thing and a second member of staff as a casual observer/marker. Discuss each candiadate once they've finished and decide on the mark. Once you get going you can get through them really quickly and it actually takes less time as there's no faffing about and there's someone with you for support and reassurance!
  3. mpc


    With Edexcel, students can re-attempt a similar task - ie one for which two bullet points have been changed (in the open interaction scenario only, I would imagine).
  4. Thanks for the good advice so far.
  5. marmot.morveux

    marmot.morveux New commenter

    That's actually a very good idea to allocate two staff to the speaking exams. I do worry that that wouldn't be suitable for smaller departments. I was thinking instead to allow adequate time afterwards for moderating them between colleagues.

    My main concern is with the conduct and the timetabling of the controlled assessments in general.
    Firstly the written ones seem to be causing less problems than the speaking ones so I will leave discussion of them to another day.
    1) Lower ability students (under AQA) seem to be doing better with a more structured approach and more questions - I wish I'd known this when I did the odd speaking assessment in year 10.
    2) I am undecided whether to do two speaking assessments with scope for a resit or whether to do three and then take the best two from the three which might be better say when pupils are ill during the assessment period.
    3) Also when to timetable them? This time I've realised the pupils are producing much better work in year 11 (which is why I discussed the possibility of doing 3 controlled assessments) However, there are clashes with other subjects' controlled assessments and this is creating real problems in terms of pupils' allegiances, especially with subjects like dance and art.
    There are certain lazy pupils who I am despairing with, who seem to need chasing every step of the way by me. It's driving me crazy!!!!!

    I would be interested to know your thoughts on point 2.
  6. That was my reading of it too.
    So.....I send in the triple carbon-copy sheets marked SR and SU, duly filled out with utter care and attention in ball-point pen. Then I wait for the moderator to contact me and tell me which of my candidates he would like to hear? Then and only then do I place those selected candidates' RECORDED task (1 per candidate) onto a memory stick and send it to the moderator with the candidate declaration sheet for just those candidates?
    Is that right?
    It means that I don't have to submit the candidate declaration sheets for the candidates whose recorded tasks are not requested by the moderator?
    What a nightmare!
  7. noemie

    noemie Occasional commenter

    Oh c.rap, in that case I've done it wrong! In my pigeon hole appeared the address of a moderator with the mention Unit 3 speaking on a sticky label, so I assumed I'd send the task sheets, Candidate record form and a CD with all my recorded tasks to that chap. But perhaps I've been too hasty???

    I've filled in the triple carbon thing wrong as well - I was fooled by the example showing 48 and assumed it was the total grade, got almost to the last candidate and then realised there was another set for the unrecorded grade [​IMG]
    Shame there aren't any Olympics for paperwork filling, our exam boards would bring in the most gold medals!
  8. LadyPsyche

    LadyPsyche New commenter

    I also did the total mark thing, decided I was just being dim, corrected the lot, and then 2 minutes later the Head of Spanish walked in and said she was totally baffled by it, as the example given was higher than the total!!
    After assembling all the sheets together (was it really very wrong of me to discourage use of a Task Planning Form for the 2nd task - the one we recorded onto a computer, rather than a dodgy tape player? - thus requiring far less paper to be sent off) - I'm now going back to read AGAIN the list of what I need to send off initially. Would be great if it were just the mark sheet!
  9. I do hope someone from AQA is reading these threads!
    I am certainly learning lots of lessons for the next cohort - and I may well find myself discouraging them from using Task Planning sheets.
  10. BrightonEarly

    BrightonEarly Occasional commenter

    You definitely send mark forms to your speaking moderator and then wait for him/her to select the sample they wish to check. You then make a copy of the one speaking test just for those students and send the cover sheet/task planning sheets to the moderator. The moderator will also want a copy of the tasks which relate to the sample. There is no need to complete the full cover sheet for any of the other candidates not in the sample, but you will need to still have them signed by candidates in case a wider sample is selected. I wait for the sample names and then fill in the paperwork. A tight turnaround but it saves time rather than fill in unnecessary paperwork.
  11. BrightonEarly

    BrightonEarly Occasional commenter

    Basically it is the same system that was used for written coursework for the old specification.
  12. ...but some of us never did the old coursework option! (Hence the current panic!)
  13. marmot.morveux

    marmot.morveux New commenter

    I'm not the only one put this all together tonight then!!!! [​IMG]

    I'm more worried about the accuracy of my marking. Touch wood they've never brought my marks down but I don't trust them!
  14. I'm with you there!!!!!
    I couldn't decide if it was better to submit the best speaking as the recorded one, or a lower one, or a mixture over various candidates. Most of my candidates have scored fairly similar marks across the two tasks.
  15. Nor are we. Bring back the exams, and just sending everything off to be marked.
  16. noemie

    noemie Occasional commenter

    Right, I've asked my exams officer.
    I did fill it in wrong, the mark sheet should have first the recorded task, then the unrecorded task mark. Yes, it is rather stupid to give an example of 46, as it is misleading, but apparently that example is the same for all subjects, not just languages (history may well have a maximum of 70 for instance). So cross off all your grades as told on the back page.
    Exam officer then sends it off to moderator before the 7th of May. Moderator asks you for a sample and you have a very short time to send it round (5 days, I am told). So basically have all the paperwork ready now.
    The paperwork is only needed for the sample, so in theory you don't need to put together all the sheets for each candidate, although as I said it may speed things up when you get the magic list of candidates from your moderator.
    In total I have filled in the grades for the speaking exam three times for each kid (coursework form, candidate record form and candidate predicted grades form) - what was it that unions said about only inputting results once???


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