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Marking of AQA A2 French essay

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by spsmith45, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. spsmith45

    spsmith45 New commenter

    Looking into the detailed analysis of the AQA A2 LRW paper (Unit 3) using the Enhanced Results Analysis, I noticed some surprising and concerning marking of the essay question. One candidate went up 14 UMS on a remark and I am assuming the essay question was at issue. I had excellent candidates getting quite good marks and reasonbale candidates getting excellent marks on the essay.
    I wonder if anyone else has these concerns and if anyone from AQA is a having a look, i wonder if this has been flagged up as a potential problem.
    The issue is that if you score poorly on content, you cannot score better on language. This, to my mind, is rewarding the wrong thing, especially when we are nortmeant to be assessing cultural content in the first place.
    If the mark scheme has to remain the same I hope AQA will suggest to examiners that they interpret the content section a bit more liberally. I do not trust this question and I fear excellent candidates are losing marks unfairly.
  2. You are voicing what I had feared...
    We had a remark that has gone down 13 marks - all of them on the essay question. Clearly the 2 markers had very different ideas!?
  3. We had two candidates , one very good and articulate and one not and they got the same poor marks - 8/25 for communication and therefore limited in other respects. I agree entirely that this is very frustrating. I am also flabbergasted that they were marked the same - I cannot believe that the good one scored so poorly on communication.
    I was similarly aghast at the oral - two entirely contrasting performances which were rewarded with the same average ish mark.
    (I am also still cross that I was criticised for using the suggested ideas for the roleplay cards. With two candidates on different cards what was the point of inventing other things??!! )
  4. spsmith45

    spsmith45 New commenter

    I expect that you can get unreliable marking with all boards, but I do think the mark scheme for the A2 essay is very suspect and should be looked at again.A colleague went to AQA's training on this and showed us sample essays and their marks. We were converned then that excellent candidates linguistically were being penalised too heavily for some lapses in content i.e. not answering the question quite appropriately. Too much description, not enough analysis, that sort of thing.

    What are we supposed to be testing at A-level? I believe it should be skill with the language, not how you play to a mark scheme.
  5. I am having the speaking remarked as the same happened with us - the 2 candidates got virtually the same marks though one was markedly better than the other. Will see if it goes up. As for the essay, I daren't get it remarked in case they are marked down though I would love to know the breakdown of the marks. I don't know how A* candidates are supposed to get A* if the marking is so bizarre. The content mark of the essay is ridiculous and the way in which they seem to have to structure the piece is hardly good training for the more discursive essays they will have to write at uni................and don't get me started on GCSE controlled assessments!!!!
  6. You can get a breakdown by going on e-aqa
  7. hennapen

    hennapen New commenter

    Yes this is certainly an area for concern - not just A2. We had an AS paper go up by 14 marks, on the essay again. Is anyone in contact with AQA about this?

  8. noemie

    noemie Occasional commenter

    I absolutely despair about the remarks as well as the original marks. One AS speaking went up, but nowhere near as much as the real level of the student, and all the other ones went down!! I just don't understand what's going on, and how my judgement can be so off on certain kids, when others are completely in line with expectations. Next time I'm going to an AQA training meeting, I'm taking mp3 files of questionable exams and I'm putting the "expert" on the spot. Really fed up with this and extremely tempted to move over to OCR, as our GCSEs with them have been very fair this year.
    Grrr [​IMG]

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