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Marking GCSE papers

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by adeniran1983, May 12, 2019.

  1. adeniran1983

    adeniran1983 New commenter

    Hello all,

    I just registered as a Pearsons EDEXCEL marker and got accepted onto a contact. I’ve spent the last hour on the ePEN site trying to understand what on earth I’m meant to be doing,

    I cannot at all get my head round it. I thought it would be as simple as being given a markscheme and marking some questions as right or wrong on a computer.

    Am I stupid? Has anyone got any wisdom on this?
  2. schminke

    schminke New commenter

    You don’t get a markscheme until after the actual paper’s been sat. Just check you can register marks for questions for now. Have you managed to get questions up to mark? ePen is a rubbish site, and ePen2 doesn’t look to be any more intuitive!
  3. maths_mikey

    maths_mikey New commenter

    You need to familiarise yourself with epen only at this stage. Watch the tutorials videos. Then wait to be contacted by your team leader. Once marking goes live it is quite straightforward and epen work fine.
  4. smillsj

    smillsj New commenter

    I am sympathetic as I couldn't get used to Familiarisation, Practice, Qualification etc. I have now been doing it for several years and if you take it 1 step at a time as the others have said, it will become clear.
  5. philhatch

    philhatch New commenter

    I've been doing it for years, was a Team Leader last year but just found it too much extra work so regular marker again this year. Logged onto ePen2 for the first time the other day (they've been trying to launch ePen2 for a couple of years but ended up using original ePen each time). There's supposed to be a DEMO option to get into seeing some old question responses so you get a feel for how it works, but the drop-down menu to access it was greyed out for me.

    Once you get into it, it'll be fine, but there's not much to see at the moment. Once some responses are scanned in, you'll be able to do Familiarisation, which is looking at a number of responses and assigning marks *****-nilly based on the initial version of the mark scheme - all the marks you give get wiped when it starts properly so that is the stage you can really start to get your head around it. I'm sure your Team Leader will help you out loads too.

    And it works on browsers other than the massively out of date Internet Explorer - hooray! So hopefully not too many technical issues this year.

    Looks like we'll be able to see all our own marking and validity stats with ePen2, which could be interesting.
  6. philhatch

    philhatch New commenter

    Cracking bit of not-really-at-all-rude-word obliteration there. Nice.

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