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Marking GCSE edexcel units 1 and 2

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by rentonave, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. I am really struggling with the written marking of unit 2 - out of 10!!
    Surely it has to be faultless to be a 10 but finding i am worried about awarding the top marks
    I am concerned they will be harsh with c/wk and I am unsure if I am actually doing it right
    I have had one bad experience of having marks changed on c/wk and it really upset me and of course brought my overall grades down.
    I am worried that their work, maybe, doesn't hit the criteria (vague as it may be) and it is MY fault rather than theirs..
    Has anybody got any advice
    Would apprecite it
  2. Do not give 10/10 unless it is flawless. It used to be the case that Edexcel required 97% of all marks for an A*. This meant that to get 40/40 was not unheard of as it was needed for top students. I have been on training for U1 and U2 and they are not revealing the standard for "outstanding" as they don't know what it will be! From what I can glean of the exemplar material, to get 9 or 10/10, they need to be explaining how the exercises helped them understand the themes or characters etc. better in a fairly specific manner. It is not about knowledge (they should not be awarded marks for explaining what a still image etc. is) but rather it is about how well they analysed what they have gleaned from their experience. I am having a right old panic marking this stuff! We are erring on the side of caution this year, but goodness knows what will happen come August! Have switched to AQA. They make a lot more sense!
  3. They are now working closer to the idea of 90% being an A* so students can drop more grades than before and still achieve top grades. I've had very confused students in previous years who haven't quite understood that 100/120 is not an A*!

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