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Marking exam papers/moderating...how bad is it?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by doodle_dt, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    In a moment of madness I am considering applying to become a moderator/examiner of AQA GCSE Product Design or Graphic Products. I am a relatively new HoD for D&T always looking for more things to try and I think it'd be useful to help students prepare for exams and know exactly how the moderation/exam marking process works. Also it would look good on my CV for career progression etc...

    However I was wondering if anyone had done it before and how much of a nightmare is it? I have a friend who's an English teacher who says marking English exam papers is a never ending nightmare....but surely D&T isn't so much essay type stuff so it can't be THAT bad can it?

    How much time does it take up?

    Is the extra money (would it pay for a nice holiday?!) worth the time spent doing it and the experience you get from it?

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. I have marked and moderated for AQA GCSE for six years. (didn't do last year due to changing to Edexcel for the new spec)
    However - I really enjoy it. marking exam papers can be a bit stressful because you have deadlines to meet but it really helps you understand the exam and how students can get marks, what is acceptable and what isn't. It is time consuming and i wouldn't suggest it if you have a young family as you need peace and quiet and can only do the marking at home.
    Moderation was great because you get to drive around and visit schools and see how they do things. As I said, a bit stressful but enjoyable and a great learning experience. My HoF is a lead examiner for one of the exam boards and he manages to do it all.
    I have applied to join the A'level marking team for AQA but there is a waiting list.
    have also applied to join Edexcel for GCSE marking - also a waiting list.

  3. I've done both, not visiting moderation but postal - I hated it, but then I'm not very keen on marking coursework anyway. Exam papers however are a different story. I used to get packets of them via the post to mark and send back but now OCR use online marking and its so easy. As long as you are strict with yourself regarding how many to mark each day within the time frame.

    In the early days we used to meet in hotel conference rooms to standardise the marking but since online marking there is no joint consultation, just some examples to do and a conversation with your team leader - I miss the getting together with others and listening to the rationale of the chief examiner but still find it a useful tool to help me and my students prepare for their own examination.

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