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Marking down of PAR candidates by visiting moderators?

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by daisyhiller, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. daisyhiller

    daisyhiller New commenter

    Just been disappointed to find that two PAR candidates from different endorsements (in a very large sample) have been marked down by 4 and 5 marks respectively. Doesn't affect their AS grades, but could, if repeated, impact on grades at A2. Every one of the other marks awarded to 200 odd students was upheld. Now I realise that PAR candidates are remarked as a matter of course and rightly so, but the fact that in both cases a 3% reduction in Unit 1 (Unit 2 unchanged)
    was made just seems very arbitrary. Thought I'd put this one out to staff teaching A levels to see whether this experience is common or even standard.

    I have contacted the board to say that every effort was made to ensure that these candidates were bang on in the rank order and we've been left feeling that they've been singled out and, albeit marginally, penalised.
  2. daisyhiller

    daisyhiller New commenter

    Happy resolution to this as the exam board have just got back and informed me it was a processing error. I've never had a set of marks downgraded but have every sympathy with any colleagues who do. A handful of marks was enough to get me going, but a handful can affect a grade/uni place etc.

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