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Marking Controlled Assessments

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by ajtextiles, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. So who like me is trying to mark controlled assesssments in their holiday? I'm doing OCR so have to mark both year 10 and year 11. Although they are meant to be only 20 hours long each they are taking much longer to mark than the old spec.
    Are people finding that their mark criteria are easy to follow? OCR is quite hard particually A571 textiles. I also get that sinking feeling and I get it every year that I've stuffed up rather than the students!!!
    Oh to be a maths teacher who doesn't have any CA to mark! ( I have taught GCSE maths in the past)
  2. i am marking Edexcel and its not too bad really. Quite clear - huge focus on environmental references and thats where most students have lost marks here and there, because they just haven't put it in. I know I need to nag more next year about that. It's hard knowing if its a full marks folder though because the exemplar work is so poor that they have provided - I would say Low C or D which doesn't help for marking A and High A folders.
    Given the strict time limitations and restrictions on feedback I am not sure the exam boards know what to expect at all. Will be interesting to see the results and feedback.
    Wouldn't want to teach maths though.
  3. AQA would be alright if we had had decent standardisation meetings. The online version is rubbish and no help at all.
    Hope I've got it right ... ho hum.
  4. Same here, marking folders today and finding the new marking system slightly easier. I have to agree that the exemplar material is somewhat lacking when it comes to A grade portfolios. I also hope I have got it right too !
  5. Have you thought of applying to OCR to become a moderator? I have moderated coursework for OCR for many years now and found it an excellent way of getting all sorts of extra information as well as exemplar folders (and a bit of money too.....) It has really helped me to both teach and mark my own candidates - and it's CPD that the school does not have to pay for.
  6. At least AQA had standardisation meetings.
    OCR are still touting the "Getting Started" and "Getting Ahead" courses with no new guidance apart from what appears in the text book all of which was cobbled together by the examiners from coursework from the previous specification.
  7. Have you thought of applying to OCR to become a moderator?
    That pre-supposes the OP actually enjoys marking coursework. I've done both coursework moderation and exam marking and gave the first up rapidly, I hate doing it. Give me a pile (or rather a download batch) of exam papers any day!
  8. <font size="2">Under our well being audit at school we did a 2 week period when we looked at how many hours we put into our job. The average in the school was 52 hours a week when teaching and I was actually at this average there were some staff doing 60 hours. Under work life balance I really do not want to land up with even more work. I&rsquo;m getting to an age when I think there should be more to life than all of this. Anyway we cannot all be moderators.</font><font size="2">Yes OCR have cobbled stuff and some is actually wrong i.e the text book by Hodder has the marks for first unit wrong. i went on the training 2 years ago but no new training was on offer this year. I remember on the training that they said the marking would evolve over time as we did it. Not very useful as we try to do the marking now.</font><font size="2">Anyway my marking is done. [​IMG] if it is wrong then someone can change the marks. I have tried my best and if a number of us teachers have marked incorrectly then it will show OCR we need more input!!</font>At the end of the day it is the teaching I enjoy. - The delight when a child has worked hard and has created something to be proud of. Hopefully some will want to continue to sew and will in the years to come benefit from being able to make for themselves and their friends and/or families.
  9. Just started marking, weather too nice over easter. As I'm new to AQA finding it very difficult to compare the samples marks to the way I have the layed out there folders. Tried to get help from the moderator but was told that they are not allowed to give guidance over pupils folders.

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