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Mark Wheeller from Southampton of Wheellerplays and Mark Wheeler from Thetford

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by eedsud, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. Just to pre-empt any more confusion as I've had a few enquiries... A company
    called Upside Out have as their Artistic Director a Mark Wheeler (with one l).
    They have done som publicity for their touring production recently (obviously as
    I have been asked about it).

    This is not me.

    I know nothing about the company... good nor bad... but wanted to highlight the
    issue just so there is no confusion. They are based in Thetford. Anyone who
    knows them or their work I'd be grateful to hear from. Be interested to know
    what they're like!

    Mark the two l'd Wheeller
  2. This reminds me of my personal tutor at Uni - an eminent theatreperson, author of Theatre Games, no less - telling us the story of his arrival at an airport in, I think, Romania, on a British Council Theatre event to be greeted at Immigration with: 'I hope you have brought your books of blood...'
    Wrong Clive Barker.
    On supply, I have to overcome the classes' mirth at my name being the same as an infamous, nay bigamous and possibly murderous, soap character.
  3. Lol.

    I have lost my identity completely this year... I'm now "Charlie's dad". I went to a school recently and Charlie was very much the centre of the questions from the female students!
  4. You know the scenario, Kids are looking for your theatre cv before teaching - I worked under a stage name - imagine ALL our surprises when they typed in my real name and it turned out to be a **** stars website!
    I wonder if prospective employers look up my name and thats why I dont get the final job sometimes!
  5. I think Lampost is a most apt name for a **** star. Very descriptive.
  6. oh yes - master post was once a blockbusters trivia question!
    ach - once you're a parent, you cease to be a person in your own right!!!
  7. oooh am all a blush!

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