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Marjon PGCE Primary

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Cherrie163, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Oh and No i haven't heard about anything like CRB and all that, hoping it comes soon though!!
  2. Thats great! I do feel a bit less nervous now! Thank you for the responses!
  3. Hello all,
    Another quick question, what was the group discussion you had about?? I do not know how to prepare for this..so would be great to hear some ideas..
    Thank you xx
  4. To be honest, my group discussion wasn't really something you could prepare for. It was just sort of spontanious. We started talking about each others books and the importance of students being interested in what they are learning about etc etc. Just make sure you say something though, that's all i can suggest.
    Good luck.
  5. Hi All,
    I am going to Marjon next year for the primary pgce and have no idea what to do about accommodation.. If anybody has any idea? Living in halls? private accomodation? How do you get one? Any ideas would be of great help!
  6. Hi Harriet well done on getting in!! Come and join us on facebook on here...


    If I were choosing to live in Plym I would personally look for a flat share as do you want to go in and live with 18 year olds in halls who are most likely to party in their first year like we probably all did? Check gumtree and other sites like it n see what's about.

    Sam xxx
  7. Hi Sam! Sorry did not have access to internet until today! OK thanks a lot for the advice, will look into flatshare using gumtree then! Thanks again Sam, congrats on you too for being accepted, it was such a relieeef!!!
  8. Hello to everybody,
    first a big congratulations to all who were accepted at Marjons. I am also wondering what to do about accomodation for primary pgce at Marjon. Do you look on gumtree to live with random people? or do you live with other pgce students? Any suggestions would be great ( I am not on facebook..long story..!!, so cant join the group)
    I hope to hear from people soon to see what previous students have done or what you all are planning to do.
    Best wishes,
    Ben xx
  9. Hi Ben, congrats to you too! Gumtree has several house shares on there some student some not, depends what you're looking for really but it's worth checking out. I'm only down the road in good ol cornwall so will be driving up everyday!
    Sam x
  10. Hey Sam, yeah Cornwall is not far, good idea to commute! Thanks, I checked it all out. What a relief to have got in to PGCE..!!

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