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Marjon PGCE Primary

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Cherrie163, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Definately. My friend is on it at the moment and she said that everyone on the course is really close. I'll start the group now and put the link on here. xxx
  2. Here's the link for the Marjon Primary PGCE 2011-2012! Everyone add themselves! xxx

  3. Coolbeans, ill join it now :D xxx
  4. I WILL BE JOINING YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am so so so happy right now!!!
  5. Whooo! Told you we could do it sam! xxx
  6. And we didn't die waiting!!! My half term has gotten so much better now!
  7. It was touch and go for a while though! xxx
  8. Hi Everyone,

    I'm new on here and just been looking at your threads. Well done all of you, you must be so happy. I have an interview at Marjons 9th March and getting so nervous. Was the interview really tough?? If anyone can give me any tips or advice I would appreciate it so much.
    Fingers crossed

  9. Hiya Liz.

    Do not worry at all about the interview, they make you feel so at ease. Are you primary? The main interview was 1 to 1 and very relaxed. Brush up on ya maths and science for the tests! They don't count toward getting though, they just let the lecturers know what you need to work on if you do get in. GOOD LUCK AND DON'T WORRY
  10. Silly mac won't let me make proper paragraphs!
  11. The interview wasn't very tough but very draining! As Sam said make sure you brush up on your subject knowledge and current educational issues. Good luck! xxx
  12. That does make me feel better. Thanks!!!
    Hope to make it too.
  13. Hi Everyone and Liz,

    I have that interview date as well! I applied for the Primary with Spanish and I currently live in Costa Rica Central America, I am flying back for a week (it takes 2 days to get to England) just for the interview and arrive on the 8th march the day before!
    I'm trying to update myself on the current issues and revising science and maths on bbc bitesize. Waiting for the interview is killing me, I hope I don't have to wait as long as you did for the results because I have an apartment and furniture to sell before moving back to England!

    Kat x
  14. Wow that's dedication for you! The maths and science part isn't used to decide if you get a place or not. Make sure to focus on the National Curriculum, spelling and grammar. xxx
  15. Hi Kat, I hope the wait isn't that long either, I just want it to get on and do it, we can only do our best. Sounds like you have a lot to sort our though. Have you lived in Costa Rica long?
  16. Hiya Harriet,
    I got totally confused by that part of the letter too, asked loads of people what they thought, people on the PGCE course and the B-ed course as i was totally confused as to what they ment, i even emailed them to ask. Was it two presentations i had to do? Was it all in the three minutes? Or did i have to talk for 5 minutes?
    I went with what i thought and just ignored the little bit on the front of the letter about the 2 minutes and wrote a presentation on my book for three minutes...it must have been right cause i have an unconditional place!!
    Are you having an interview for the MFL Primary PGCE? I thought the non-MFL one was full?
    Good Luck!! xx
  17. Hi harriet,
    i recently had my interview at marjon's and i had the same letter as you saying about the primary task spending 2 mins writing about a lesson. when i got to the interview nobody else had had this sent in their letter! however i didn't have to do anything, nothing was said about this "2 mins" task so i wouldn't worry about it too much, just concentrate on the book review, chances are like me nothing will come up about the lesson description task during the interview!
  18. Hi fellow Marjon students!

    I got onto my course for secondary English and was just wondering if, after the initial letter telling you you're in and giving basic details, whether you have received anything else, like crb stuff etc yet?

    If you need any info about marjon from a student's perspective, feel free to shout!

    Kate x
  19. Just remember to be yourself. They are not trying to trick you or catch you out with anything. They are trying to get the right answers out of you.
    Remember to have read about an educational issue and make sure you feel confident enough to talk about it, not in too much depth though, i just talked about a couple of positives and negatives :)
    The presentation is fine, i was really worried but had my presentation on cue cards and knew it pretty much off by heart, the others in my group seemed to improvise their presentation and go off on a different train of thought, which i don't think looked good. In the group discussion at the end of your presentation make sure you say something, only me and another guy was talking in the group discussion dispite leaving gaps of silence for others to join in.
    The audits and tests are fine. It wasn't too challenging.
    Good luck, let us know how you get on!! When is your interview?
    Well Done Mrs K!! You seemed determined enough to get on!

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